One Soul, Many Lives

'The Chequerboard' by Monica Fagan
Once thought of as mysterious, Past Life Regression has now been embraced by counsellors and therapists as a tool to heal and assist clients on the Soul's journey towards awakening and self-empowerment. By exploring Past Lives, we can bring profound healing and understanding to our current life situation, behaviours and relationships.
Once a year I hold a Past Life Weekend Intensive and this year we will be holding this workshop on the potent weekend of the Ancient Earth Festival of Beltane - a festival dedicated to celebrating Rebirth, Creativity and Life on Saturday & Sunday 29-30th October. Guided by the Celtic Star Goddess Arianrhod, Goddess of the Silver Wheel, the focus on this weekend will be Embracing Creativity and Love. 
On Saturday we will experience and heal Soul Memories of Past Lives that may be holding us back from expressing our Creative Gifts or finding and sharing Love for ourselves and others in this lifetime and on Sunday the focus will be on exploring lifetimes of great Joy and Soul Connection and embodying these innate and sleeping gifts again in our current lives now. 
Many of our clients are experiencing powerful shifts and healing through Past Life Regression at the moment and I feel this is due to the energy of the Changing Times we are experiencing. This energy is facilitating a sense of release, freedom and of shackles of the past being removed. I welcome you to step upon this  journey of healing, growth and exciting potential in a small, warm and friendly group of like-minded souls at the Spring festival of Life: Beltane.
I have a temple I do not visit
A heart I have forgot
A self that I have never met
A secret shrine.
Charles Sorlay

Healing Past Lives Weekend Intensive

Once thought of as mysterious, Past Life Regression has now been embraced by counsellors and therapists as a tool to heal and assist clients on the Soul’s journey towards awakening and self-empowerment. By exploring Past Lives, we can bring profound healing and understanding to our current life situations, behaviours and relationships.
    Celtic Star Goddess Arianrhod, will guide us in this 2-day workshop of Past Life exploration & healing. Please read below for the full details, this weekend intensive will be the only one of it's kind this year so let me know as soon as you can if you wish to join us,

Warm Wishes, Julia

The Path Within - Last Tarot Course for 2011

Hello Everyone,

I have just 2 places left in the final course of The Path Within. This circle will open on Full Moon, Monday 12th September and finish up at the ancient earth festival of Beltane on 31st October. This group will be very small - strictly limited to 6 participants only so that we can work deeply and will be the last time that I offer The Path Within for 2011. 

If you feel called to study the Tarot as a tool for creating healing, to reconnect to nature and to open up a direct pathway of communication with your Higher Self, please let me know,

Warm Wishes,


Healer, Mystic, Creatrix - Women's Course in Celtic Spirituality

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius. We are still experiencing Mercury in Retrograde so I hope this is not causing too many obstacles or problems for you all - check and recheck all contracts and financial forms (on the weekend I read that thousands of people had filled in their Census forms online and without pressing 'send'. Can't get more Mercury Retrograde than that!). And of course please remember to back up your computers.

This week we are back after a relaxing break where we spent time recording our new guided meditation CD: Beyond the Ninth Wave and creating new plant essences combining Sacred Water from wells here in Victoria and Findhorn in Scotland (you can read more about that here). I will be using these essences and sacred water in private healing consultations, Celtic Women's Course: Healer Mystic Creatrix and in our Spring Equinox Circle: Healing Waters, Sacred Wells where we will be donating all funds again to the Koalas (Water Animal Totem in Australia) at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter (www.samthekoala.com.au).

In 3 more days we will be passing beyond the Ninth Wave, the mythic wave that takes you beyond this world and into the Celtic Otherworld. In the five weeks that we will meet together we will develop healing and intuitive abilities to help us to heal and balance the Five Elements and the Seven Chakras or energy systems of our body as well as learning to read with oracles, connect to Animal Totems, Spirit Guides and Ancestral Wisdom.

Week 1 - EARTH: Returning Home, Travelling Beyond the Ninth Wave
Goddess: Rhiannon the Sovereign, Airmid Goddess of Healing and Herbcraft
Tools: Healing with Stones and Plant Totems 

Week 2 - WATER: Sacred Wells, Healing Love and Creativity
Goddess: Beg the Wisdom Keeper, Vivienne - Lady of the Lake
Tools: Energy Healing, Oracle Reading, Water Blessing

Week 3 - AIR: Oran Mor, Wisdom, Past Lives and Creating a New World
Goddess: An Cailleach the Crone Mother, Arianrhod the Silver Wheel
Tools: Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Totem, Past Life Regression

Week 4 - FIRE: Building Fire, Tending to our Sacred Flame
Goddess: Brighid the Exalted One, Scathach the Warrior Queen
Tools: Animal Totem, Candle Magic, Healing Movement

Week 5 - ETHER: You Are We, Embodying the Celtic Goddess
Goddess: Danu Mother Goddess of the Tuatha, Sovereign Queen
Tools: Rites of the Sidhe, Channeling Messages from the Goddess and your Guides

I have 2 places free in this Celtic Circle of Healing. If you feel this one of these places is for you, you can phone me: 0421 249 183 or email me: julia@sacredfamiliar.com.au Please let me know as soon as you can so that you have time to prepare. 

Warm Wishes for the Journey, Julia

Escape into Life by photographer, Rodney Smith

The Path Within 3-Day Tarot & Healing Course

For those of you who might find it difficult to travel to Williamstown for the night classes of The Path Within or can not commit to a 3 month course period, we have created The Path Within 3-Day Weekend Intensive to be held over the weekend of 14th-15th May and the following Saturday 21st May 2011. In these 3 days you will learn to read the ancient symbols of the Tarot as a healing tool for yourself and others, learn techniques to deepen your Intuition and communicate with the Higher Self and Reconnect to Nature.

The Path Within is a Healing Course, creating Sacred Harmony and Connection to Nature through the ancient symbols of the Tarot. I am most passionate about teaching others to 'be your own healer' and by imparting the Tarot Mysteries I hope that you discover the 'Oracle Within' yourself.  As a pathworker, I merely stand at the doorway to the Temple of Yourself - the magical world of Tarot embraces symbology, mythology, astrology, numerology and beauty in all it's guises. 

This course is perfect for absolute beginners to Tarot and is also open to anyone who would like to build on their current Tarot skills in a warm and creative group. It is important to note that this course will not be used in replacement of professional counselling or therapy where needed. When we take The Path Within we are embracing responsibility for the creation of manifesting the lives we truly desire in a warm and well-grounded environment of like-minded souls. 

Book Now.

New Exploring Past Lives Workshop - 19th Jan, 2011

This is a wonderful workshop for those of you who are new to Past Life Regression and wish to know more before booking for a one-one-one personal Past Life consultation. You can read more about the healing benefits of this modality here. Please let me know as soon as you can if wish to join us in this interactive workshop as places are limited to 10 people only.