Madeline von Foerster - Dark Moon Oracle

The Tale of the Golden Toad

On this weekend of the Dark Moon it is a beautiful time to go within, to quieten our minds so that we hear the voice of the heart more clearly. What is falling away in the dark before the birth of the New Moon? The New Moon on Monday is the start of the Chinese New Year, a time when I actually physically feel the start of the year. To help you meditate and explore your own personal motifs and symbols, the language of your heart,  in this visionary year I thought I would begin the dreaming by sharing the work of one of my favourite artists: Madeline von Foerster. Each painting is an oracle within an oracle, every symbol whispers a new clue. What message is here for you?
Bufo Periglenes (Golden Toad)
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The Path Within 3-Day Tarot & Healing Course

For those of you who might find it difficult to travel to Williamstown for the night classes of The Path Within or can not commit to a 3 month course period, we have created The Path Within 3-Day Weekend Intensive to be held over the weekend of 14th-15th May and the following Saturday 21st May 2011. In these 3 days you will learn to read the ancient symbols of the Tarot as a healing tool for yourself and others, learn techniques to deepen your Intuition and communicate with the Higher Self and Reconnect to Nature.

The Path Within is a Healing Course, creating Sacred Harmony and Connection to Nature through the ancient symbols of the Tarot. I am most passionate about teaching others to 'be your own healer' and by imparting the Tarot Mysteries I hope that you discover the 'Oracle Within' yourself.  As a pathworker, I merely stand at the doorway to the Temple of Yourself - the magical world of Tarot embraces symbology, mythology, astrology, numerology and beauty in all it's guises. 

This course is perfect for absolute beginners to Tarot and is also open to anyone who would like to build on their current Tarot skills in a warm and creative group. It is important to note that this course will not be used in replacement of professional counselling or therapy where needed. When we take The Path Within we are embracing responsibility for the creation of manifesting the lives we truly desire in a warm and well-grounded environment of like-minded souls. 

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Tree of Life by Mark Ryden

Here is a close up of the nature goddess in Mark Ryden's extraordinary painting, Tree of Life. A beautiful print of this work is available at Outre Gallery and sits in their front window of their Melbourne store. It calls to me every time I look at it. How many esoteric symbols can you see?