Madeline von Foerster - Dark Moon Oracle

The Tale of the Golden Toad

On this weekend of the Dark Moon it is a beautiful time to go within, to quieten our minds so that we hear the voice of the heart more clearly. What is falling away in the dark before the birth of the New Moon? The New Moon on Monday is the start of the Chinese New Year, a time when I actually physically feel the start of the year. To help you meditate and explore your own personal motifs and symbols, the language of your heart,  in this visionary year I thought I would begin the dreaming by sharing the work of one of my favourite artists: Madeline von Foerster. Each painting is an oracle within an oracle, every symbol whispers a new clue. What message is here for you?
Bufo Periglenes (Golden Toad)
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Hello 2012 - we are ready

Hello Everyone,

I'm already so excited about this year, are you ready to paint and create and make art of your life? The planet Neptune will  take up residence in it's natural home, the sign of Pisces from 4th February for the next 14 years - a time to embrace our true selves and FEEL. This Neptunian energy is going to be HUGE for artists, musicians and all round crafty and creative people. That means you!

'Stars Shower Her', encaustic art Julia Inglis 2011

I truly believe we are all artists and naturally intuitive beings. I hope that this is the year that you open the door to full flow of creativity, intuition and a heart full of love for our plant and animal friends. Mother Nature needs our love and attention  and this is the year to bring about massive change in the way that we view our animal companions and the earth we live on, in, from.  I know these changing times are not a smooth ride but the more we can be present and open and passionate in our choices, the more we will have access to freedom, authentic relationships and a deep understanding of our own natural rhythms and the rhythms of our nature.

I welcome you all to join us this year in consultations and classes exploring creativity and spirit such as: Encaustic Art, Writing & Photography, Mythology & Symbology, Creating Our Own Oracle Decks, and new work combining Tarot & Astrology: Welcoming Home the Outcasts - Chiron the Wounded Healer and Black Moon Lilith. Some of these classes have already been listed and you can read more here.

So let's begin this incredible quest that is 2012 together. Are you ready...let's go! xxx

Deepening the Connection - New Classes and Workshops

I welcome you my sisters to join me as we celebrate music, mythology, symbology and reawaken our Wise Woman gifts in warm and friendly circles dedicated to remembering the Ancient Worlds of our Ancestral Memory. As we rediscover our deep bond with Mother Nature we naturally develop our forgotten gifts of prophecy, creativity and healing. Join me as we celebrate the Moon Mysteries of Mother Nature in all of her wild and abundant beauty. 
Join us in the music, transform in the sound.

As we journey on our Immramma (Irish for 'Wonder Voyage') we will enter a realm of mystery, magic and healing. On these journeys we will encounter the Wise Teachers, Healers and Guardians that all reside within us. We already know these helpful energies intuitively as you will discover as we reclaim our Ancient Ancestral Wisdom and Mythic Story.
Who will step forward to guide you along these ancient pathways? In this 6 week course of Journeying and Oracle Reading you will gently bring your focus to your new companions, begin to trust your Intuition and learn to have faith in the messages your receive from the natural world around you, to your animal messengers and plant guardians. 

When we connect to the Wise Healer Within, like the wise Shaman, we begin to understand the patterns and signs of the daily Oracle of our lives. In these warm and relaxed circles you will widen your own circles of friendship and develop your own daily shamanic practice of finding and keeping Sacred Space so you can remember your beautiful and ancient relationship with Mother Earth. By journeying with the music we connect to the elements through sacred smudging and water blessing, forming deep bonds with our Spirit Guides and Animal Totems. After each journey we will explore further learning with various oracle systems to helps to understand and heal from the messages and symbols we receive for ourselves and for others. 

The Path Within - Last Tarot Course for 2011

Hello Everyone,

I have just 2 places left in the final course of The Path Within. This circle will open on Full Moon, Monday 12th September and finish up at the ancient earth festival of Beltane on 31st October. This group will be very small - strictly limited to 6 participants only so that we can work deeply and will be the last time that I offer The Path Within for 2011. 

If you feel called to study the Tarot as a tool for creating healing, to reconnect to nature and to open up a direct pathway of communication with your Higher Self, please let me know,

Warm Wishes,


The Silver Doorway - Advanced Tarot Course

For those of you who have completed The Path Within and been waiting for the 2nd step into the realm of Advanced Tarot, I'm happy to announce I am opening enrolments for The Silver Doorway starting in May. In this course we throw away the books and step deeper into our own Knowing and trusting our Intuition. Based on the Celtic mythology of the Ninth Wave, in these 9 weeks we will be working deeply with the Divine Feminine through guided meditation, reading intricate Tarot spreads, developing connection with your Animal Totems & Spirit Guides and most importantly, learning to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

To be eligible for this course you will have completed The Path Within and be ready to step through The Silver Doorway...

Litha! Summer Solstice Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

please enjoy! In this season's newsletter we discuss the healing power of mythology & story, Valkyries and the incredible artwork of Melbourne Illustrator, Nadia Turner. Congratulations Amanda Adey on winning the Solstice subscriber giveaway of the Llewellyn Tarot Box Set! Enjoy the Litha Full Lunar Eclipse tonight and see you all in the New Year - stay inspired!

Much love,

Julia & Tony

The Alchemical Art of Patricia Ariel

For those of you who read about the stunning alchemical art of Patricia Ariel in the Midsummer Newsletter, here is the full interview:
When I discovered the sensual & deeply spiritual artwork of Brazilian born artist, Patricia Ariel I found a new language for the work that I teach on Tarot & meditation. So I was thrilled to discover that Patricia’s artwork is so linked to her interests in the symbolic arts of Astrology & Tarot & that she teaches a combination of Astrology & Mandala workshops to help people connect to their spirituality through art.

Do you see creating art as a spiritual process or practice?

Yes, yes, yes! Totally. It is through my creative process that I feel all the faces of God manifesting... Light, dark, male, female, child, elder, and everything in between... I come from a family of very mystic women. Both my grandmothers were healers, my aunt channeled spirits, and my mom have dreams and visions. I've always had that same connection with the invisible, but, being a very rational person, I took a long time to find out in which field I could bloom... Too much intellectualism blocks intuition big time. I've been reading the Tarot and doing Astrology since my teens, but didn't get to have that intimate experience with the invisible that they had... Like, experiencing with your own senses... Only recently, when I changed my direction in painting and started to open myself to symbolism and apply spiritual concepts in my art, I started to experience the invisible the way I have always longed for. The process of how many of my paintings develop is amazing, and if I didn't have any knowledge of how this type of thing happen I would say that it's scary... All the insights and visions I receive while painting, the connections between them and life events... I started to have dreams, and also a deeper perception of the mundane. I intuitively learn with my paintings. And heal myself, and also discovered that I've been healing other people too... This is priceless. So, I can say that I found my spiritual path. That's how I've been perpetuating my family mystic tradition. I feel so blessed for it, but at the same time with a big responsibility that I pray for being able to always correspond to.

What are your thoughts on 'symbiosis' - the interweaving of our male & female / light & shadow elements of our natures? Do you find art to be a good way to explore & understand these elements within yourself?
Oh, yes! Our culture, being so fragmented and dualistic as it is, have not been prepared to accept the negative polarity as a complement of the positive and part of nature and God. We learn that the concepts of male, right, light, day, etc, are the "good" ones, and everything dark, feminine, mysterious, are "evil" and need to be repressed. This is the main root of so many neurosis and imbalances that our society experiences now. But you can't learn what Heaven means without descend to Hell! Since the development of creativity is intrinsically tied to the understanding of yourself, eventually your shadowy part will emerge, and you'll have to deal with this in a symbolic way. When you bring images and symbols to your conscious mind, it means that now you can face them -- they are not buried in your unconscious mind anymore, so it's time to unveil them and work on what they represent. This is the beginning of integration and healing. And that's exactly what art does, when you bring out symbols and put in your creations you are doing this interweave of light and darkness... And integrating them.

How has your upbringing influenced your spiritual beliefs & particularly your interest in divination (tarot & astrology)?
As I told you before, I had all those witches in my family LOL... And grew up seeing all these things as natural. My interest in the occult comes from early age. Things just came across my way, and I just can tell how the interest began... Something innate. I have always had this big certainty of something bigger inside my heart... I remember as a child being deeply moved by religious films and spiritual teachings... I just knew that there was something there, nobody came and told me... Later I wanted to know the whys and hows of everything I felt inside me and began my search for rational answers. Now I know that the intellectual and the intuitive needs to walk side by side.
I am very interested in your blending of art & astrology - can you tell me more about your Astroportraits?

Art and Astrology have a lot in common. Both are symbolic languages, and Astrology is another type of Art... So it seemed just natural to blend them. It's very exciting. In my work with the portraits I am just expressing the symbols that already exist in my client's psyche and using my technique to produce something artistically pleasing. I design them to be a reminder of the person's uniqueness and potentials, something that she looks at and feels good about herself and feels empowered. I will first raise your birth chart and try to identify the images and archetypes that it evokes. I also use the tarot and meditation. We'll talk by email about the chart until come to a conclusion about what you need and want more at that moment. The process ends up being sort of therapeutic.

Please view Patricia’s awe-inspiring artwork at where you can also enroll in her wonderful online classes combining Astrology & Art: Creative Astrology or commission one of Patricia’s Astroportraits - a fascinating process where she raises your birthchart & together with a photo, intertwines animals & archetypes in the portrait to remind you of your unique potential. Thank you Patty for sharing your inspiring work!