Swan Blessing - Past Life and Ancestral Clearing Sessions


Journeying Home with the Ancestor Seers, Witches, Dreamers & Healers

Swan Blessing is a personal vision ceremony to reclaim the ancestral folklore and dreaming of your lineage. By releasing ourselves from the fears of the past and heavy soul vows of poverty, chastity, silence and obedience, we rebuild the ancestral dreaming tracks to recover the wisdom of the women’s mysteries. 

We do this to be free women and to bring wholeness to the lineage of ancestral folklore in our family tree - sending love along the roots to our grandmothers and to the branches and the daughters to come.

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Releasing Past Vows and Ancestral Patterns Vows of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience, The Healer’s Oath, Warrior’s Oath

“The swan’s beak presses against the back of my heart, and her wings wrap around me. The child and the grandmother. My inner child and my wise woman. Fled in fear, destroyed and separated. Yet leaving messages to be understood down the path of time, to return home to this place of light. To shine. And work the magic of our lineage that can not be destroyed.”
— Rachel, Swan Blessing 2017
“I Mandy am Seer and Healer. I now choose to allow my medicine to flow through me again. I find courage when I am afraid. I nourish those around me with my words. It is safe to stay connected, and my gift in doing so allows others to come back into connection also”.
— Mandy Adams, Swan Blessing 2016
“I am so happy to finally be free of my old fears that kept me quiet and small for so long, and when my old doubts resurface or life gets me down, I know how to lift myself up and re-ignite my joy – I put on one of my talismans. Wear yours every day, you never need to tone yourself down, you are never too much, too bright, too big, too bold, too colorful – you can be your full on, shimmering self every moment of your life, and just smile at anyone who thinks otherwise, because they are the ones who need color most of all.

I am so grateful to Julia and her Swan Blessing, she gave me back my life, my freedom, my happiness. If you feel as if something is holding you back, reach out to her and go on your journey – your true self is waiting for you and Julia will guide you there so safely and gently.”
— Camille, Swan Blessing 2107