New Moon Gift - Karmic Crossroads Tarot Spread

I would love to gift this New Moon spread to all who come to visit us here on our web-nest. This spread was birthed over the Dark Moon and New Moon in Gemini last week. It helped me so much in my decision making and this is my actual reading above. We held a Tarot sharing circle in the forest on friday night and we witnessed some beautiful transformations taking place as the readers worked their magic both in finding new pathways and helping others find theirs too. The Tarot deck I have used in this spread is the Gaian Tarot created by Joanna Powell Colbert a deck that is full of hope and earth wisdom.
With the clarity and wisdom I gain from reading Tarot for myself I can make conscious changes that help to weave and create a life that nourishes my heart and spirit and hopefully those around me. My wish is that this spread helps you to do the same. Please feel free to share this spread with friends and loved ones by directing them back to us here at the source.
From the Forest Dreaming, love Julia and Tony and Fox.

Horse Moon Spirit Doll Giveaway

Horse Moon

And here she is, Horse Moon, still becoming... I began her last night in the Full Moon and I will continue to weave her up until the New Moon birth of the Year of the Horse on 30th January. If you book for a Threshold Karmic Tarot reading in January you will go into the draw to win her and I hope she brings you much abundance and creativity in 2014. Inside her tummy are many herbs and flowers but her main medicines are Bee Pollen to pollinate your Golden Dreams and Arnica Flowers - known to witches as Wolf Flower to keep your wild Wolf Heart. Good luck seekers of the Wild love to you for your Full Moon Dreaming x

Threshold Karmic Tarot Reading bookings. 

Exploring Past Lives & Full Moon Vision Board Collage

Exploring Past Lives Workshop - 7pm Wednesday, 19th January 
In this interactive workshop we will discuss topics such as Soul Memories, Life Lessons & Karma, Why Soul Groups Reincarnate Together and Soul Mates. During the workshop you will also experience a regression to a past lifetime directed by your Higher Self to embrace healing so that you can move forward in the present. (3 places left)

Full Moon Visionboard Collage Workshop - 7pm Thursday, 20th January
On the night of the Full Moon we will use meditation & collage to work with the Universal Law of Attraction.  A vision board is a collage of the things you want to be, have, or do in your life. The purpose of a vision board is to activate the Law of Attraction to begin to pull things from the external environment that will enable you to realise your dream. By selecting pictures and writing that charges your emotions with feelings of passion, you will begin to manifest those things in your life. Creating a vision board can be a simple yet powerful visualisation tool to begin manifesting your dreams into reality. Please bring a small photo of yourself & any images that call to your heart to add to your collage (4 places left)

There are just a couple of places left in these workshops! Please let us know as soon as you can if you wish to join us.

New Exploring Past Lives Workshop - 19th Jan, 2011

This is a wonderful workshop for those of you who are new to Past Life Regression and wish to know more before booking for a one-one-one personal Past Life consultation. You can read more about the healing benefits of this modality here. Please let me know as soon as you can if wish to join us in this interactive workshop as places are limited to 10 people only.

Past Life Workshop

Due to the popularity of the last Exploring Past Lives workshop, we know that many of you missed out on a place and we are offering a 2nd workshop on Monday, 6th December. Places are limited to 10 people only - please let me know as soon as you can if you wish to take one of these places.