opening the new circle

Dear friends, we will soon be journeying to the mountain spring to draw water for the first journeying and vision circle of the 2014 - Farewell to the Water Snake, Letting Go Letting Flow. This will night will be a meditation and journey to farewell the Water Snake and gentle cleanse and release the final old skin of 2013.
Please bring along a special glass or cup to drink from the Spring as we will be working energetically with this sacred healing water to help us release as part of our journeying.
Photo taken of a grandfather spirit in the Yarra River after drawing water from the spring


Journeying Circle Honouring Snake

Hello dreamers, we are taking bookings for this shamanic journeying circle
open to men and women on the New Moon of the Wooden Horse.
Places are limited so please get in touch if you wish to come along.
This night is for us all, beginners to experienced journeyers.
Swan welcomes you to SEE with all your eyes x


Farewell to the Water Snake

Hey Rainbow Weavers, we are gathering to farewell that wild beauty the Water Snake and thank her for all of the much needed change that she midwifed us through in 2013. Smudging and release ceremony as we meet the birth of the Wooden Horse.
Come and Be. You are Welcome. You are Free.

Answering the Call - the Living Path

One morning I watched as a woman in her late 40s walked out on to the volcanic bluestone rocks on Point Gellibrand in my home of Williamstown, stripped off and dove out into the deep sea. The sea here is very deep and the tides stronger than people realise, it is not a place where I've seen anyone swim before and I was blown away by her strength and fearlessness. Waiting on the rocks was her beautiful companion, a strong black dog who with great focus watched his mistress swim out to the depths. Not too long after she climbed easily back onto the rocks, dressed quickly and off she and her dog went into the distance. This small and great moment has stayed with me.

This year more than any other we are hearing the call of Mother Nature & the wise voices of our ancestors. We are feeling the earth moving and breathing beneath, around & through us - the spirits of the earth are awakening. In Williamstown we are on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water, on our shores are ancient volcanic bluestones like the ancient markers of Stonehenge - geologists are still amazed at the strange rock formations found here - they are a mystery. We are on land of the Kulin Nation, the spirit of those ancient Aboriginal tribes is still with us here. We are on the land of the first white settlement in Victoria, home to sea captains and sailors, convicts & orphans, a place of Arrival for many, from all over the world.

This year Tony and I will be sharing the energy of this beautiful & sacred land in our workshops & classes as we remember again those who have gone before. We can learn much from these spirits of the land.

The Oracle Speaks: learning to channel messages from the Earth's Oracles & reading the Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Receiving the wise wisdom from our own hearts & from Spirit.  Includes Full Moon meditation & journey on the rocks at Williamstown Beach.
Commitment to Self Circle: A night of honouring our spirit as we journey with the ancient Celtic grandmother An Cailleach who will help us to shed what we no longer need to embrace our radiant future. All proceeds of this night go to the koalas at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter.
Beyond The Ninth Wave: Dedicated to the wise grandmother An Cailleach, in this 6 week course of developing your own personal practice, building strength and resilience, we will discover the ancient teachings of the wise ancestors of the Celtic Otherworld. Develop connection to your own Animal Totems, Plant Helpers & Spirit Guides.  Includes Full Moon meditation & journey on the rocks at Williamstown Beach.

Deepening the Connection - New Classes and Workshops

I welcome you my sisters to join me as we celebrate music, mythology, symbology and reawaken our Wise Woman gifts in warm and friendly circles dedicated to remembering the Ancient Worlds of our Ancestral Memory. As we rediscover our deep bond with Mother Nature we naturally develop our forgotten gifts of prophecy, creativity and healing. Join me as we celebrate the Moon Mysteries of Mother Nature in all of her wild and abundant beauty. 
Join us in the music, transform in the sound.

As we journey on our Immramma (Irish for 'Wonder Voyage') we will enter a realm of mystery, magic and healing. On these journeys we will encounter the Wise Teachers, Healers and Guardians that all reside within us. We already know these helpful energies intuitively as you will discover as we reclaim our Ancient Ancestral Wisdom and Mythic Story.
Who will step forward to guide you along these ancient pathways? In this 6 week course of Journeying and Oracle Reading you will gently bring your focus to your new companions, begin to trust your Intuition and learn to have faith in the messages your receive from the natural world around you, to your animal messengers and plant guardians. 

When we connect to the Wise Healer Within, like the wise Shaman, we begin to understand the patterns and signs of the daily Oracle of our lives. In these warm and relaxed circles you will widen your own circles of friendship and develop your own daily shamanic practice of finding and keeping Sacred Space so you can remember your beautiful and ancient relationship with Mother Earth. By journeying with the music we connect to the elements through sacred smudging and water blessing, forming deep bonds with our Spirit Guides and Animal Totems. After each journey we will explore further learning with various oracle systems to helps to understand and heal from the messages and symbols we receive for ourselves and for others. 

Void Moon in Pisces - Dream a little Dream

From this 6.30pm this evening until Wednesday 10am, there is a very long Void Moon in the sign of Pisces. This is a particularly dreamy and potent time for meditation, dreaming, creating and drifting in to other dimensions. Reading Tarot for yourself and others is a good idea at this time as it is a highly intuitive and psychic period - especially if you are Pisces. Last Friday I picked up my 'Reverie Harp' from the very lovely and talented Peter Roberts. I am looking forward to making friends with this beautiful new instrument in tomorrow's Neptunian dreaming. 
May your dreams be sweet.

Healer, Mystic, Creatrix - Women's Course in Celtic Spirituality

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius. We are still experiencing Mercury in Retrograde so I hope this is not causing too many obstacles or problems for you all - check and recheck all contracts and financial forms (on the weekend I read that thousands of people had filled in their Census forms online and without pressing 'send'. Can't get more Mercury Retrograde than that!). And of course please remember to back up your computers.

This week we are back after a relaxing break where we spent time recording our new guided meditation CD: Beyond the Ninth Wave and creating new plant essences combining Sacred Water from wells here in Victoria and Findhorn in Scotland (you can read more about that here). I will be using these essences and sacred water in private healing consultations, Celtic Women's Course: Healer Mystic Creatrix and in our Spring Equinox Circle: Healing Waters, Sacred Wells where we will be donating all funds again to the Koalas (Water Animal Totem in Australia) at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter (

In 3 more days we will be passing beyond the Ninth Wave, the mythic wave that takes you beyond this world and into the Celtic Otherworld. In the five weeks that we will meet together we will develop healing and intuitive abilities to help us to heal and balance the Five Elements and the Seven Chakras or energy systems of our body as well as learning to read with oracles, connect to Animal Totems, Spirit Guides and Ancestral Wisdom.

Week 1 - EARTH: Returning Home, Travelling Beyond the Ninth Wave
Goddess: Rhiannon the Sovereign, Airmid Goddess of Healing and Herbcraft
Tools: Healing with Stones and Plant Totems 

Week 2 - WATER: Sacred Wells, Healing Love and Creativity
Goddess: Beg the Wisdom Keeper, Vivienne - Lady of the Lake
Tools: Energy Healing, Oracle Reading, Water Blessing

Week 3 - AIR: Oran Mor, Wisdom, Past Lives and Creating a New World
Goddess: An Cailleach the Crone Mother, Arianrhod the Silver Wheel
Tools: Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Totem, Past Life Regression

Week 4 - FIRE: Building Fire, Tending to our Sacred Flame
Goddess: Brighid the Exalted One, Scathach the Warrior Queen
Tools: Animal Totem, Candle Magic, Healing Movement

Week 5 - ETHER: You Are We, Embodying the Celtic Goddess
Goddess: Danu Mother Goddess of the Tuatha, Sovereign Queen
Tools: Rites of the Sidhe, Channeling Messages from the Goddess and your Guides

I have 2 places free in this Celtic Circle of Healing. If you feel this one of these places is for you, you can phone me: 0421 249 183 or email me: Please let me know as soon as you can so that you have time to prepare. 

Warm Wishes for the Journey, Julia

Escape into Life by photographer, Rodney Smith

Autumn Equinox Meditation & Intuition Circle

Hello Everyone,

at the auspicious time of the Autumn Equinox on Wednesday 23rd March we are opening up a new Meditation and Intuition Development Circle. The Autumn Equinox is a beautiful balancing point in the light and dark of the year and is a particularly potent time for creating change in our lives with the Sun in the sign of Aries. 

I love these circles, not only do we get to relax deeply but we also discover ways to communicate with our personal guides & spirit helpers. Each week we learn new skills to deepen our intuition as well as practicing healing techniques. Through guided meditation we take sacred journeys, path-working with Goddesses & Gods, Animal Totems, Family Ancestors & Ascended Masters. In each class Tony & I give personal readings to every member of the group to assist them on their journey. 

If you feel called to learn new techniques to create more peace and balance in your life in a warm and relaxed group, please get in touch with me to book your place in this circle,

Warm Wishes,


The Silver Doorway - Advanced Tarot Course

For those of you who have completed The Path Within and been waiting for the 2nd step into the realm of Advanced Tarot, I'm happy to announce I am opening enrolments for The Silver Doorway starting in May. In this course we throw away the books and step deeper into our own Knowing and trusting our Intuition. Based on the Celtic mythology of the Ninth Wave, in these 9 weeks we will be working deeply with the Divine Feminine through guided meditation, reading intricate Tarot spreads, developing connection with your Animal Totems & Spirit Guides and most importantly, learning to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

To be eligible for this course you will have completed The Path Within and be ready to step through The Silver Doorway...