One Soul, Many Lives

'The Chequerboard' by Monica Fagan
Once thought of as mysterious, Past Life Regression has now been embraced by counsellors and therapists as a tool to heal and assist clients on the Soul's journey towards awakening and self-empowerment. By exploring Past Lives, we can bring profound healing and understanding to our current life situation, behaviours and relationships.
Once a year I hold a Past Life Weekend Intensive and this year we will be holding this workshop on the potent weekend of the Ancient Earth Festival of Beltane - a festival dedicated to celebrating Rebirth, Creativity and Life on Saturday & Sunday 29-30th October. Guided by the Celtic Star Goddess Arianrhod, Goddess of the Silver Wheel, the focus on this weekend will be Embracing Creativity and Love. 
On Saturday we will experience and heal Soul Memories of Past Lives that may be holding us back from expressing our Creative Gifts or finding and sharing Love for ourselves and others in this lifetime and on Sunday the focus will be on exploring lifetimes of great Joy and Soul Connection and embodying these innate and sleeping gifts again in our current lives now. 
Many of our clients are experiencing powerful shifts and healing through Past Life Regression at the moment and I feel this is due to the energy of the Changing Times we are experiencing. This energy is facilitating a sense of release, freedom and of shackles of the past being removed. I welcome you to step upon this  journey of healing, growth and exciting potential in a small, warm and friendly group of like-minded souls at the Spring festival of Life: Beltane.
I have a temple I do not visit
A heart I have forgot
A self that I have never met
A secret shrine.
Charles Sorlay