Forest of Life - Marian's Swan Blessing Unbinding of Many Stories

Catskin by Arthur Rackham
'Catskin' by Arthur Rackham

As well as holding Swan Blessing ceremonies in person, I am now able to offer Swan Sessions by Skype and phone by request from the forest. In these Swan sessions we will journey together to release your spirit from the binding of past life beliefs, vows and sacred oaths to receive the gifts of your ancestral medicine.  

Swan Sessions: by Skype or phone -  one hour $120. 
Please email me to request a time to journey with Swan together. 

Swan Blessing Ceremonies in person in Sherbrooke or Kew, VIC
1.5 hours    $160

Sometimes a seeker will come to journey in Swan Blessing with Tony and I to release a binding belief or promise of the past that unlocks not only one significant past life but many. All of these lifetimes are bound together because the same belief was carried and activated in each incarnation. This happened for Marian. All she had to do was to take that first step into the Forest to meet her own Spirit to begin a shedding of many lifetimes. In our journey, Marian received rapid vision after vision of the past experiences that were needed to release her ancestral medicine. With the shedding of each life, Marian felt lighter and freer until finally she found the new words to call back into her life with joy and trust the medicine of her birthright, the medicine of Healer.

Oceans of love to you Marian, radiant healer, child of the Earth.

Forest of Life.

The beauty of walking in the forest of life. 
It’s a deep place of wisdom, of welcome and soul birds in flight. 
This is where my life was begun. 
Safe and nurtured under the sun. 
Two parents, one daughter. A life full of love.

Stolen away so young.
When, as yet, I did not discern any one.
I hear my mother’s tears.
I hear the pain she now bears.
A life gone.  A life taken.

Soldiers in the smokey haze attacking.
One field, one tree, a hill, a wooden home.
Not my own.  But here I am grown.
Children playing with sun on skin smiling, laughing. Or is it screaming.
In the darkness woman staring. 

Dusty bricks. 
Yellow stone upon stone.
Walls rising up. Soldiers inside. Me out alone.
Yet not alone. 
A child accompanies me down the dirt road.

Who is she?
If only she were my own.
She leads me to a ghost home.
So many empty buildings. What happened here?
This once rich land holds nothing but fear.

Vision of illness and sickness.
Death and dying.
They sent me away to save the living.
Angry father thinks he knows best.
She killed the mother at first breath.

Back to the woods to an Aunt out of favour.
Skilled in an art form that makes her a saviour.
She teaches the ways passed from the ancients.
Guiding and leading. Crafting my healing.
Bark and herbs for the dying and living.

A woodland temple is where I am drawn.
Seeking solace after the beloved Aunt is gone.
It is beautiful, sacred, profound.
A home amongst trees if I give up the purpose for which many women feel bound.
Willing and happy to fulfil my call. I choose to serve the women, children, sick and poor.
Priest, ceremony.  Realisation.
Deceived by men.  An innocent victim.
Held captive, held prisoner for my knowledge and more.
My wisdom, my healing, my spirit, my light.
They’ll change it, they’ll break it, they’ll make it night.

Mad with rage I scream and I holler.
I pull on my life with vicious anger.
I throw myself round till I’m no longer there.
Head bangs, body shudders, blood running through hair.
Lying cold on the floor, face pale, eyes stare.

Always a child. Almost a woman grown.
But, never a mother, never a lover.
And, never a crone.
The pledge was made to be alone.
To save the secrets of the soul.

A life gone. A life taken. A healer kept hidden till this incarnation.
A walk in the forest, a walk through life.
Brings forth wisdom, healing and a soul bird in flight.
Goddess of love, of wisdom and light.
Freely to roam now full of life.

Marian, 2013