Threshold Tarot Reading & Plant Medicine Spirit Doll Giveaway

Horse Moon Spirit Doll - to be given away on 1st February

Hail dreamers, well met.

How are you all feeling in this month of Integration as we shed the last skin of the Water Snake? January can feel like a confusing month, we are feeling the pull towards the new dreams but we are also still feeling the massive shifts and unfoldings of the last year - especially such a momentous year like 2013.

I created the Threshold Shamanic Tarot spread to help uncover and integrate the karmic lessons and gifts of the Year of the Witch - 2013. Many of you have written to me to tell me how much it has helped you and that makes me very happy. For those of you who may want assistance to understand the full wisdom of this spread I will be taking Threshold sessions to work deeply with this unfolding - not only processing the karmic lessons and gifts of this life but also extending the reading out to encompass past life lessons and teachings.

For the next 2 weeks before the New Moon I will be offering shamanic Threshold Tarot readings in person, by Skype and telephone. The readings will unfold in 4 levels:
1. What the Spirit of 2013 meant for you it's deepest teachings and the binding beliefs of the past that you had to release to grow and receive your medicine gifts.
2. The work needed to be done in January - the last skin to shed with the Water Snake.
3. What the Spirit of 2014 means for you, the area of your life that will undergo the most transformation and the practice that will help you to be most present and open to your purpose.
4. Past Life behaviours and beliefs that are calling to be released now to embrace the evolving Spirit.

Plant Medicine Spirit Doll Giveaway: 

Tomorrow night at Full Moon I will create a Plant Medicine Doll that will be completed on the night of the New Moon and birth of the Year of the Wooden Horse. For all who book a Threshold Reading, you will go into the draw to win this one New Moon New Year Horse Spirit Doll.

Threshold Readings are $100 for 1 hour session and they can be done by Skype, Phone or in person : bookings

Threshold Tarot Reading Booking

Love to the Wildlife Carers

Yesterday I ran into Annie, a beautiful local wildlife carer here in Sherbrooke Forest and she has 2 orphaned Ringtail Possums in her pouch. There are so many amazing volunteers who give their time and love to these creatures. It is a real labour of love - I never see Anne without a wee creature peeking out of her hair, her bag. She has endless patience. For everyone out there who helps in their own way thank you for your love.

When we had this encounter I had just been spending time with my dear sister Rainbowalker dreaming up a circle to began teaching and sharing wisdom about death and dying.  Rainbowalker is not only and intuitive healer but an incredible palliative care nurse. We are both passionate about clearing fear around death and also giving practical and real advice about preparing sacred space at this threshold and how to prepare the physical body for the Great Journey. To meet these wee treasures felt like a blessing on this new dream.