Guardians of the Threshold - Death and Dying

Hello everyone our Death and Dying wisdom circle: Guardians of the Threshold is now completely full. For all those joining us we will meet on New Moon Saturday 1st March 1-5pm at Kumbada Studio. I will send out a preparation email tonight to all participants. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this beautiful and sacred work. 

For those who have missed out on a place, we will be holding a second workshop Rites of Passage in May and will have more details soon - get in touch if you would like to be included in this circle.

precious beauty of death + dying

Little Wing precious gift from Mother Earth

Whenever I commit to a new dream, Spirit begins showing me just how much that dreaming has always been close. I believe Intention brings more focus - just like the zoom lense of a camera, we begin to see the worlds within worlds around us. Now that we have begun taking enrolments for Guardians of the Threshold, a death and dying wisdom circle, I am seeing Death everywhere. And It sounds morbid but it truly isn't. Yes it is sad, there is always a loss when we face death but there is so much beauty. Death is the ultimate invitation to FEEL and she strips away our masks and armour to expose the tender heart. She makes us remember what it is to be truly human and alive.

Here is Little Wing the wing of a dear parrot who passed away on my doorstep on the day we signed the lease on a new home in the forest. For the last 12 months, this house has been my private bird sanctuary, so many feathered friends visit us here every day and owls come to keep us company at night. This ending is of course the threshold I must cross to begin again. I feel sad to leave but also excited about the new chapter awaiting. The next home is still in our beloved Sherbrooke Forest but in a house that is more open to welcoming to visitors and seekers. After year of sabbatical, I am ready to begin seeing more clients. I could not hold this work in our current home. And so this week I feel like I am in limbo - I know I am moving and yet I can't seem to make myself pack yet. it's been manifesting as a constant underlying anxiety and obsession with tiny, unimportant details. I feel exhausted and I realised yesterday it is because I have not let myself feel the grief of this change.

This is also a common experience when we lose someone we love and it can manifest in a much deeper and traumatic way when we repress our deepest grief and pain. In my family there is a long history of suicide in both my mother's and father's families. Suicide is still such a taboo subject and can be one of the hardest causes of death to talk about. In my family there is a gaping hole that is filled with silence and deep pain. This hole, this wound is a source of soul loss for many family members and instead of feeling and speaking and facing the many unanswered questions, the pain has been repressed and has manifested as deep depression. Recently, in Vision, I asked to know more about this spirit of depression that has followed my family for generations and I was shown not a horrible demon as I had expected but instead, the lost and forgotten spirits of family members who had taken their own lives and were never spoken of again. They were asking me for acknowledgement and remembrance and that is something we can all do and give. Often all Death requires is for us to be truly present.  It was this vision and the incredible healing that came after it, that pushed me to create a circle where we can finally release this unacknowledged pain, ask questions about death and dying and share our stories of loved ones no longer with us. To remember with love. We will also speak of the beauty and rebirth that occurs in this crossing of the threshold. The mystery of the afterlife and the visions and visitations that Spirit often gifts back to the living to help us to understand that there is nothing to fear.

When I need to cry and release I often head to the water and yesterday we drove to Phillip Island. It was the best gift I could give to myself - to just step away from it all and dive into the soft embrace of Mamma Ocean. As we arrived at the beach, we saw Bunjil, the wedge tailed eagle circling above and as we left the ocean we came upon a beach memorial that we hadn't noticed on the way down. The memorial was in a grove of trees and when we arrived it was being guarded by a blue tongued lizard. I was touched by this small and public altar to a beautiful young girl. It was decorated with toys and shells and was accompanied by this dedication:

'Where there is love the heart is light.
Where there is love the day is bright.
Where there is love there is quiet peace.
A tranquil place where troubles cease.
Oh blest are those who walk in love.
They also walk with god above.
Fly free Miranda you are loved.'

Whether you have healing to do around the loss of a loved one, are living with a loved one right now at the sacred threshold of dying, or want to come and heal the taboo and fear of speaking about death and the afterlife, you are welcome to join us in this wisdom circle. Together we will remember what it is to embrace the natural wisdom of the endless and eternal cycle of life.

Details of Guardians of the Threshold - Wild Wisdom of Death and Dying with Sacred Familiar and Rainbowalker.

Memorial for Miranda
letting go letting flow

the wild wisdom of death and dying

Hello everyone, on the New Moon last friday, we met with Rainbowalker to consciously open the dreaming well for Guardians of the Threshold. In this circle we will be sharing practical information on how to care for loved ones during the shamanic threshold death and dying. You will also have the space to share your own stories and wisdom, together we can bring light back to an area of our lives that is so beautiful and natural but has been shrouded in fear and taboo.  
Not too long ago this wisdom was a part of ancestral wisdom or 'granny wisdom' as I call it. There would have been someone in the family that was called on whenever a family or community member was nearing the threshold of death. They would have come to your home and gently consoled the family and made the dying as comfortable as they could be. Most importantly they brought peace and solace to the dying, often just by being a calm and gentle presence in the room and held their hand as they made the Great Journey. And this wisdom would have been passed to a child who perhaps at a young age began to accompany the granny in her work and showed a natural ease and knowing with this medicine. 
This is very specific medicine that may not call to many of you, but if you are feeling drawn to know more or if you are already making the journey with a loved one in your family, we encourage you to get in touch. For too long this natural process has been surrounded by fear and just as it is important to have a conscious life, it is important to have a conscious death.  When we lose our fear of death we can begin to truly live.
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Embracing the Wild Wisdom of Death and Dying

Hello friends, I am writing this post at the exact point of Full Moon in Cancer from our forest home here in Sherbrooke. I have chosen this point to speak about a dreaming that has been growing between Tony and I and our sister Bec Walker (Rainbowalker) for some time. We are now opening up new circles under the name of Memory Tree Collective to create spaces to speak openly and without fear about death and dying. This is an area that seems to be naturally becoming a part of our work, especially Bec who is an Aged Care Nurse and has many years of experience of being a part of the caring team that prepares a soul to move from this world into the next.

This service, a Guardian of the Threshold, is part of Ancestral Medicine. Not too long ago this wisdom was carried in the family. Real practical information about how to care for the physical body as it was breaking down and also how to hold space as the spirit was getting ready to cross the threshold to begin the Great Journey. Our grandmothers and grandfathers would do this preparation in our homes and and communities and we are all passionate about honouring this natural wisdom again. A natural life also deserves a natural death and we will discuss green burials, home funerals and the ecology of the sacred Earth.

No-one is a stranger to death and yet there is so little spoken about it - we are still so afraid and also bound by the taboos of the past. In this first of the Memory Tree circles we will hold shamanic ceremony to release the binding of the past and honour and show love to our fear. In our journeys we will create a new relationship to the natural cycle of Life-Death-Rebirth and to Mother Earth. We will journey to make peace with death and to loved ones no longer with us. We will open the door to our own personal understanding of Life After Life. In becoming fearless and conscious about dying we also give ourselves and loved ones the gift of conscious living - we become deeply at peace with all that is.

We would like to thank the artist, Iain Whittaker, for sharing his incredible artwork which is a part of 13 panel frieze called 'Fascinum Frieze' that was a part of his recent exhibition: 'Psychopomp'.   Here is a link to a great interview with Iain and further panels from the Fascinum Frieze. When I look at this vision I see a woman who embodies the feeling that the Memory Tree Collective would like to share with you - that there is nothing to fear from death. Her glowing necklace of wild bees and her luminous eyes feel like a beautiful invitation to live.

Love to the Wildlife Carers

Yesterday I ran into Annie, a beautiful local wildlife carer here in Sherbrooke Forest and she has 2 orphaned Ringtail Possums in her pouch. There are so many amazing volunteers who give their time and love to these creatures. It is a real labour of love - I never see Anne without a wee creature peeking out of her hair, her bag. She has endless patience. For everyone out there who helps in their own way thank you for your love.

When we had this encounter I had just been spending time with my dear sister Rainbowalker dreaming up a circle to began teaching and sharing wisdom about death and dying.  Rainbowalker is not only and intuitive healer but an incredible palliative care nurse. We are both passionate about clearing fear around death and also giving practical and real advice about preparing sacred space at this threshold and how to prepare the physical body for the Great Journey. To meet these wee treasures felt like a blessing on this new dream.

Fear of Persecution - A Witch's Swan Blessing Story

Another beautiful Swan Blessing story to share with you today from our book in creation: 'Releasing the Ties That Bind'. Thank you Bec for your sharing as I read it, I felt the healing for us all again. With your telling you are helping so many who are feeling the bindings and very real fear of persecution of the Wise Woman again in our time. This Swan journey is so amazingly empowering, I honour you sister and the return of your great gifts in fearless love.

I was in a small cottage in the woods, surrounded by small children , an elderly lady was crying as I  kissed them goodbye.  I knew they were coming for me. I knew I was a wise woman and they feared me. I actually felt at peace. I told the elderly woman it would be alright. I was quite young with beautiful long hair.

My next thought was to get away from cottage as I could see the torches in the distance.  I started running through the woods. They caught me about 500 meters from my cottage. My thought then was are my family are safe as I looked back towards the cottage? They had me on my knees with my head pulled back by my hair. I was surrounded by men and could feel the fear in their heart. I was taken under the cover of darkness. It was a lynch mob. A powerful man with the authority was behind the scenes. Orchestrating the outcome. I felt he was scared of my inner power.  

The very next thing I saw was a vision of her standing on a pyre. It quite surreal as I stepped out as myself from the future to see my past self on the pyre. I could see a sea of what looked like Pilgrim hats, and a town square. She was searching frantically for someone or something in the faces before her; she knew this was going to happen. There was no hatred in her body, only sadness and compassion, for the people doing this to her. I watched as the tears streamed down my face. I stepped forward and her eyes locked onto to mine. She smiled at me and said with her eyes:  ah good you are here! I have been waiting. My soul felt like it exploded in to a million pieces, it was such a deep and profound connection. Her words to me were: You are free, Have no fear. They cannot come for you in this lifetime. Your family are safe. Be true to your soul and path. With that she closed her eyes and tilted her head skywards. And whispered 'I am ready” to the Heavens.   As they lit the pyre. I saw a bright white light come down from above. She was enfolded by light and I could see two beings beside her. The flames had only reached her feet. But she was already free.  

Julia and Tony I thank you for releasing my fear/binding, in this life as a healer/witch/ wise woman. I hadn’t realised that this fear of judgement and persecution had been holding me back. Also my intense dislike of authority makes sense. My past self had no fear; No anger, she accepted it, in perilous times of who she was.  Her message to me was the gift of Freedom, acceptance and walking the path of self truth. No more Hiding.   

With Love, Bec 2012

I urge you all to experience the potent and healing medicine of Bec Rainbowwalker. For years Bec worked as a nurse and in palliative care had many experiences of the divine crossing over of the soul. I am so happy to say that she is honouring her wise gifts and is now offering incredible sessions of energetic and intuitive healing here in Melbourne. She offers such beauty and grace to all especially those recovering from grief and loss after death as she is a beautiful 'midwife of the soul' and has such a deep understanding of the journey of the soul from this life to the next. I have had the personal experience of Bec's healing and they are deeply transformative. Love your way, Sister : www.rainbowalker.com