Born Free - Release the Ties That Bind

'Born Free': Saoirse Ronan by Rankin 2013

A past life vow that often comes up to be cleared is the Vow of Marriage. Some of us carry vows that still connect us to other souls from lifetimes past and this can be an unsettling feeling when we encounter these souls again playing different roles in our current life. Even when relationships in our present lifetimes break down and marriages end in divorce, the vows that we made in those ceremonies may still be holding firm even though you may not be physically living together.

When we marry we make Sacred Vows, these words we speak are spell-binding - is the Vow you are speaking dedicated to creating fearless love or are you binding yourself with words that are more about tradition than your current, real values? The Vow of Obedience is still made in some marriage ceremonies to this day. It is different for everyone, trust your knowing and feel into your heart. Is it open or does it feel bound?

Without binding we can love fully, with great honesty and respect for ourselves and our beloved. Take back your wild heart, it was born free.