Full Moon, Water Witching and the Wild Bee


How was your Full Moon last night beauties? We were immersed in essence making here in Sherbrooke Forest in the middle of a rain storm it was inspiring and strangely calming - water witching under the Chestnut Tree with water pouring down and yet the tree kept us quite dry.

Today there is a soft blue hue over the forest, it is dark and only 2pm and we are getting ready to prepare the fire... the beeswax calls. We will be offering new encaustic beeswax art and meditation circles from the forest very soon, I am just waiting to confirm the dates in a venue where we can have an open fire! Here are 3 encaustic paintings that were birthed at the Autumn Equinox - each speaking beautifully and guiding me so much at this time. There is an old saying: 'ask the wild bee what the Druids knew'. Blessings of the wild bee for your full moon dreaming.

Equinox encaustic oracle : Sacred Familiar
Spirit Dancer encaustic oracle: Sacred Familiar
Swan Maiden encaustic oracle - Sacred Familiar