Winter Solstice Encaustic - Oracle Writing Workshop

Hello art lovers, our next encaustic workshop will be held at the ancient Celtic Festival of Winter Solstice on Saturday, 23rd June. This workshop will focus not only on creating and painting your beautiful oracle cards with beeswax but also on the art of writing. We will take time at this Yule festival, a time when we feel the quiet and deepest point of the year to become still enough to listen to the voice of your oracle and channel it's message. Winter Solstice is a beautiful time of reflection and dreaming and also of giving gratitude. It is very much associated with remembering those who have helped us along the path: ancestors and the spirits of loved ones. What messages do your ancestors have to share with you to help lighten the load, to put a seed of joy in your heart for the journey ahead? What will the seed blossom into in Springtime when the new dream is ready to be birthed? 
This workshop is limited to 8 places - all materials are supplied. Please bring along a photograph of an ancestor or loved one and join us at this time of deepening. In the cauldron of Winter we may glimpse our radiant future. 
Below is a piece called Crone's Message at the Well - like all of my encaustic pieces she was not drawn or planned but merely moved up through the hot wax when she was ready to speak.