Standing In The Way Of Control - Beth Ditto

The glorious Beth Ditto - Neptunian Beauty
I love that M.A.C have chosen Beth Ditto of Gossip as the inspiration for their new makeup line. I adore her. For years she has been a loud and proud warrior for Neptunian beauty. I have been calling this era of Neptune in Pisces the rise of the Beautiful Freak - and here is someone who helped open that door. Beth Ditto is pure joy, colour and magic. In this behind the scenes shoot she invited her mother along to be made up and is adorned with polka dots applied with a potato no less! 
It's time for us to take off the old glasses, the blinders, the filters that forced us to see beauty in only one way - let your eyes see beauty everywhere. Just have a look at wild nature to see just how strange and creative the world really is. For those finding it hard to come out of hiding and show the true self, just listen to Standing in the Way of Control and let Beth fire you up. Remember who you are - a child of nature - and that is perfection!