New Essences - Kyanite Mist & Healing the Divine Feminine

Hello Everyone,

Well I'm about to fly off to Queensland to work with some fantastic shamanic astrologers at the Black Moon Lilith retreat and will be back in Melbourne after 17th November. Before I go I wanted to let you know that I have heard your requests for an Energy Protector Aura Mist! 

I have combined the beautiful healing water from the wells in Wombat Forest with an essence created from very powerful Kyanite crystals gifted to me by the wonderful Martina of Nature's Art Melbourne (link). She is the maker of many of my beautiful shamanic tools and stone jewellery. This beautiful Earth Woman found these Kyanite stones in the desert in the Northern Territory (never mined or drilled out of the earth but sitting on top of the ground) - Kyanite is a stone that dispels any negativity and helps us to retain our own authentic essence - perfect! I have also combined this with organic essential oils. This mist is perfect for spraying on your body (and is wonderfully cooling) and spraying in your healing spaces or workplaces - wherever you feel the need to clear the air.

The Kyanite Mist is $25 plus postage - I have only 6 bottles left as they have already been purchased by many of our students, so please let me know if you'd like to take on of them and I will prepare it for you before I leave. I have also created a new plant and water essence for Healing the Divine Feminine made from Violet & Wisteria - these essences are $15 and are available with the Sacred Space Essence & Sacred Fire Essence. 

Warm Wishes of Divine FLow for you all, Julia xxx