healing water

opening the new circle

Dear friends, we will soon be journeying to the mountain spring to draw water for the first journeying and vision circle of the 2014 - Farewell to the Water Snake, Letting Go Letting Flow. This will night will be a meditation and journey to farewell the Water Snake and gentle cleanse and release the final old skin of 2013.
Please bring along a special glass or cup to drink from the Spring as we will be working energetically with this sacred healing water to help us release as part of our journeying.
Photo taken of a grandfather spirit in the Yarra River after drawing water from the spring


Behind the Veil - Daughters of the Well

After having a wee break from making our Daughters of the Well water & plant essences I have felt the call of the water again and on Monday Tony and I made our way down to natural mineral springs wells in Wombat Forest. I was so happy to be in this beautiful forest again, it is always so calming and full of wild birds. After asking the water & spirits of the land to welcome us we drank from the cool sweet healing water and drew what was needed for the essences.
We then made our way to Trentham Falls and noticed that after a dry spell the falls were a lot lighter in flow. For the first time we were able to climb into the mouth of the waterfall and enter the cave behind to sit and look through the veil of water as it fell.  This has been a wish of mine ever since I saw this waterfall years ago and I was over the moon. As we watched the dancing water sparkling with light I became entranced. I had a strong memory of doing this many times before...
We will have all of our new plant & water essences infused with healing energy, the protective stone essence of Kyanite and pure essential oils by the Autumn Equinox next week. If you are interested in experiencing this waterfall energy and would like to purchase from this first batch Daughters of the Well for 2012, just let us know.
Waterfalls of love, Julia & Tony

Three lovely daughters
Infusing the water with sunlight  
Brambles full of wild berries on the walk down the mountain

Embracing Intimacy - Healing the Divine Feminine Essence

I am so happy to launch a new essence dedicated to embracing intimacy called Healing the Divine Feminine. I created this essence in particular for healing the heart and releasing energy from past relationships so that you can feel grounded and excited about preparing for new love or new ways to love again. I have created this essence of Sacred Water blended with the flower essences of Violet and Wisteria and the grounded, balancing and decluttering energy of the Australian rainforest plant, the Lilly Pilly. These beautiful and soft purple-flowered plants focus particularly on healing the reproductive and sexual organs - preparing the body very gently for a time of opening fully to a loving relationship. You may use this essence to enhance your current relationships by helping to release energy of the past to be fully present with your body and your partner. And you may also use this essence to heal the relationship to yourself and to draw out the blossoming of the Divine Feminine.

In 2012 we are entering the time of Balance between our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energy and my wish is that this essence will prepare your heart and body for that beautiful union. Please let me know if this essence is calling to you, the cost of the Healing the Divine Feminine Essence is $15 plus postage or free if booked with a Daughters of the Well Water and Sound Healing.

Waterfalls of love for the newly Embodied Self,

Julia xxx

New Essences - Kyanite Mist & Healing the Divine Feminine

Hello Everyone,

Well I'm about to fly off to Queensland to work with some fantastic shamanic astrologers at the Black Moon Lilith retreat and will be back in Melbourne after 17th November. Before I go I wanted to let you know that I have heard your requests for an Energy Protector Aura Mist! 

I have combined the beautiful healing water from the wells in Wombat Forest with an essence created from very powerful Kyanite crystals gifted to me by the wonderful Martina of Nature's Art Melbourne (link). She is the maker of many of my beautiful shamanic tools and stone jewellery. This beautiful Earth Woman found these Kyanite stones in the desert in the Northern Territory (never mined or drilled out of the earth but sitting on top of the ground) - Kyanite is a stone that dispels any negativity and helps us to retain our own authentic essence - perfect! I have also combined this with organic essential oils. This mist is perfect for spraying on your body (and is wonderfully cooling) and spraying in your healing spaces or workplaces - wherever you feel the need to clear the air.

The Kyanite Mist is $25 plus postage - I have only 6 bottles left as they have already been purchased by many of our students, so please let me know if you'd like to take on of them and I will prepare it for you before I leave. I have also created a new plant and water essence for Healing the Divine Feminine made from Violet & Wisteria - these essences are $15 and are available with the Sacred Space Essence & Sacred Fire Essence. 

Warm Wishes of Divine FLow for you all, Julia xxx