New Moon in Pisces

Rolling in the Deep
Crystal Gazing, Vogue 1919. Photo by Baron Adolph de Meyer
Today we are swimming in the deep blue waters of a New Moon in Pisces, Sun in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces. This New Moon feels emotional and may have a pull from Chiron to 'retreat to the cave'. Help your emotions to flow by engaging in a new artform instead of trying to escape these deep emotions and reaching for the alcohol or chocolate (the shadow path of the Piscean). Pisces teaches us to feel deeply and honour our emotions and then to channel this into beauty, creativity and love. 
I have just discovered Encaustic Art as a fantastic tool for channeling emotions and I think it would be particularly potent for exploring wild and overwhelming feelings. Encaustic Art is a 2000 year old art form used by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Encaustic literally means 'burnt in'. It utilises beeswax mixed with pigments and resins as a painting medium. This medium is painted with a hot iron or stylus or brush. 

These are some of the pieces I created last week and I'm really enjoying the wild, messy freedom of working with this medium. The colours are vivid and you have to give up control completely as the beeswax flows and drips across the page following it's own flow. Perfect! The myriad of images it creates within the patterns of beeswax are fascinating and perfect for divining and 'looking into'. I can see so many little stories here - what can you see? If you are 'rolling in the deep' today, this is for you.