Rising from the Deep...

I hope many of you gained new intuitive insights and flashes of bright clarity from the New Moon in Pisces. When we can honour our emotions and stay on the journey into the deep, we conquer or even merely come to terms with our fears and this immediately give us new strength and purpose to make the changes that we need in our lives. This is the gold waiting for us at the end of our quest. Stepping out of the Dark Moon and into the light of the new day I imagine we would be wearing our new wisdom like a cloak of raven feathers - perhaps a gift from An Cailleach the wise divine crone goddess and creatrix of Scottish and Irish mythology who is particularly potent to meditate with at the Dark Moon. In some tales, An Cailleach is born old and grows younger with every year. Are you ready to step into the gold that awaits us when we rise up from the Deep? Ready to grow young again?

I love these photos of Ursula Andress from the Hammer horror film, 'She', made in the sixties. In ancient Egypt the colour Black symbolised: Death, Night, Rebirth and Gold represented The Sun, Eternal Life and the quality of being Imperishable.

Ursula Andress, 'She' 1965