Spring Rites - Femmina Unbound at the Convent

Dear Sisters and Medicine Women,
I am so very happy to let you know about an event that is very dear to my heart. On the first day of Spring we will be creating a Dreaming Pool of Swan Blessing at the Abbotsford Convent dedicated to releasing Past Life Vows, Oaths and Sacred Contracts binding our Feminine Wisdom.

I have been called to hold this joyful event of illumination at the Abbotsford Convent which was also the site of the Magdalen Laundries. This was a place where young girls and women who were deemed 'fallen' were given over to the church to work as prisoners in the laundries. To be a classed as a 'Magdalene' you could have done as little as been rebellious, loud or adventurous and if you had a child out of wedlock, you were deemed lowest of the low. These so-called 'fallen women' who were in actual fact, just very young girls, often lost their identities, families, children and even their own names upon entering the laundries which were surrounded with razor wire like a prison to keep them from escaping and from influencing the young students at the convent.

I have been hearing the voices of these young women for several years now and feel that their spirits are in 'limbo' because they were told that was their future. They were told that there was no return home and they believed it. Are we not also still finding ourselves in 'limbo' by trying to hold on to the ridiculous ideal of being a 'good girl'? I believe there is no such thing as a fallen woman. And I would like all of us to lose this binding belief that is so unnatural and harmful to the wild feminine. In releasing our own bindings we can create such an energetic dreaming pool of love and wisdom that we will also mend the dream pathways to the spirits of the Magdalenes to let them know that they too are loved and free.

I often wonder how different we are from the women of the Magdalene Laundries - I would say most of us would have been classified as rebellious and dangerous for simply expressing free will and standing in our power. In the Rise of the Divine Feminine we are moving beyond the illusion of control and patriarchy.  I believe this freeing can be joyful and we can share this joy with our Ancestor Sisters. Strong love may not change the past but it can have a real, energetic effect on the land and the places where these events happened and most importantly can be felt by any spirits who feel bound and caught in the past.

Beyond Control:
In this one day workshop we will move through and clear oaths such as the Vow of Silence, Obedience, Chastity, Poverty and the Promise to Remain Hidden. We will sing up our spirits beyond the control of outside forces and any authority other than our own spirit. We will sing love into the Earth and acknowledge the ancestor spirits have resided in the landscape for millions of years.

We will go back Sisters to an ancient time, beyond the oppressive rules and constraints that were placed upon women in modern times. Here we will meet our ancestors, the beautiful grandmothers and star-mothers that have been waiting for us to remember our magnificence, our mystery and our medicine.

I welcome your return Medicine Women, I hope to see you in the Spring.

Love, Julia