Sacred Familiar - the Sugar Glider

The Sacred Familiar - an Animal Message from Tony Esta

The Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider teaches us to take a leap of faith without any fear. The Sugar Glider leaps from tree to tree to create it's own path where there is seemingly no path at all. It likes to be at the highest part of the tree and at that height has a much greater perspective than other creatures. It will take a chance to jump onto a new tree when it wants the change. When the Sugar Glider comes to us it's medicine is helping us to try new ways to change the old. It encourages us to have faith and confidence to reach new heights. 

The Sugar Glider is a wingless creature that can fly through the air - have you been told that you don't have the skills or gifts to achieve your dreams? Be like the Sugar Glider and believe in yourself, take yourself to the highest vantage point and leap!

We create our own adventure.

Tony Esta 2012