Clearing Past Life and Ancestral Vows and Beliefs


Julia Margaret Cameron: The Little Novice & the Queen 1874
'Julia, I feel like you are a big part of my healing. I wake up every day thinking is this me? Is this a dream? Thinking that I will wake up and it didn't happen and I will go back to before. I tap and feel my body every day. I feel like i have been in a box locked up for years and now I am free and let out, like a new life, a new start. I am still in shock of it all and can't believe how I feel. It's like I am back.'
Laura, Yoga Instructor,  2012

Clearing Past Life Sacred Vows - Balance Session

Sometimes it is only in doing the work that you come to truly know it. In particular, since the Autumn Equinox this year I have seen many clients, for energy balances and have to come to understand that the work I am doing is clearing past life and ancestral sacred vows, promises & oaths. I have been seeing an many people called to healing and artistic paths from all walks of life, coming forward to shed old vows and beliefs that are creating blocks in their healing work & personal lives in the present. 

Spiritual Vows include:

  • The vow of chastity - creating relationships difficulties and belief that we must choose either a vocation or a relationships, that we cannot have both.
  • The vow of obedience - causing a block to using your personal power in this life
  • The vow of silence - causing blocks to creative and individual expression as well as blocks to passing on sacred teachings in this life - in the past this may have resulted in death
  • The vow of poverty - creating a feeling of deep guilt in relation to creating financial wealth in this life
  • The vow of death before dishonour - relating to past lives as sacred warriors or soldiers and creates a block in being able to leave unhappy relationships or work that is deeply unfulfilling & even dangerous
  • The healer's oath - (forbade healers to use healing energy for themselves but to keep 'serving' others)
In the past many people called to the healer's path had to live lives hidden away from mainstream society or spiritual vocations that may have meant decades offered up in servitude to temples and churches. And of course many healers were persecuted and executed for their beliefs and for their earth wisdom and knowledge of natural healing. In those times, the making of Sacred and Spiritual Vows kept us safe and helped us to survive but in this life they create extreme circumstances that make living extremely difficult and create enormous blocks to sharing our powerful healing gifts with trust.
You can read more about this work and testimonials hereI feel so deeply honoured to be able to offer this work and I have made extra times available for sessions after the Full Moon next week as we move into the Dark Moon and then build up to the Eclipse - a natural time of bringing what needs to be examined to the surface of our lives.