New Moon in Aries

On Monday we see Neptune move into it's  Master house of Pisces for the first time since the mid-1800s. This is a time that will herald in an era of appreciation and creation of art, intuition and healing. On this auspicious day we will also have a New Moon in Aries - perfect for inspiration about new projects, creativity and new life!  This weekend we are experiencing the Moon in her Dark phase and this can feel like a very heavy and emotional time for some of us. If you are feeling stuck, prepare yourself for monday by de-cluttering in this Dark Moon, particularly old letters, anything that you have not worn in the last 12 months  or broken or chipped items that you have been meaning to repair for ages and are just gathering dust. It's time for the new, for the real, for the true self to emerge, why not make a little more room so you can pass through this golden doorway with grace?

Or perhaps it's a good time this weekend to rest and take some time to smell the flowers before you begin this new adventure.

Here is one of my favourite Tarot spreads called the Horseshoe or Advice Spread. I use it look into so many different elements. Why not use this spread to ask for the best advice for you to prepare for this New Dawn:

Here is the fiery Queen of Wands by Ciro Marchetti from his Tarot of Dreams (
The suit of Wands in the Tarot are linked to the element of Fire and will help you to raise your energy to meet this beautiful Aries Moon