Jo Stewart you are Epic!

Jo Stewart, scribe to the Shackleton Epic Antarctic Expedition
Photo: Julian Brignell
A few months ago a beautiful and familiar sister, Jo Stewart turned up at our cottage to receive The Swan Blessing. It had been at least a couple of years since I had had the pleasure of sitting in circle with Jo and sharing our love of Tarot. Tony and I were honoured to hold ceremony for Jo as she released herself from the bindings of past life vows and promises. At the end of her session, the sky reverberated with thunder like a deep drum and we looked at each other and laughed - it seemed very apt.
This is what Jo felt in her own words during her Swan Blessing:

'My past life healing session with Julia and Tony was quite profound. I was surprised by the intensity of the memories that surfaced and the fluid form at which the memories took. As soon as I entered the circle I started receiving flashes of memory in all forms - from hearing horses galloping to feeling rays of warm sun on my skin. Julia was able to take me deeper into the past, to address the issues that have been resurfacing in my current life. The experience was liberating, enlightening and ended with an apt rumble of thunder outside from an approaching storm, which I sense was bringing cleansing rain to wash away the past.'

As Jo prepared to leave and step into the storm she quietly told me that she had been offered an opportunity that both excited her and scared her. After her session she said she felt ready to embrace it. I said yes, embrace it - without fully understanding what that wild offer entailed. 
Weeks later Jo contacted me to tell me that she had been invited to be the official writer and blogger travelling with the Shackleton Epic expedition to the Antarctic! The expedition is sailing in an exact replica of Shackleton's 22.5 foot lifeboat. To this date no-one has successfully re-enacted the double journey across sea and land using traditional gear. The expedition is being lead by veteran adventurer, Tim Jarvis, AM FRGS, who believes it will be the most challenging expedition of his life.
Jo and her quest have inspired me so much this year. I love this post from Jo today on the voyage blog about the meaning of adventure and being open to the idea that we are all adventurers in our lives. I encourage you to travel with Jo Stewart, the Artisan Scribe of the Shackleton Epic voyage and let her words encourage, inspire and tempt you to step over the threshold of your own fears. Who knows what awaits? And yes, often the most golden opportunities are the ones that seem the scariest at first.  
Love on your quest Jo! xx
Seeker or Fool card Gaian Tarot deck
The Seeker / The Fool - Gaian Tarot