Enchanting the Dreamer - 13 Eclipse Medicine Dolls

How did I survive the Season of Eclipse? By making 13 Medicine Women dolls. I had no idea when I began that there would be 13 and so it was a lovely surprise to put them all together yesterday and see that they were indeed a wee tribe. I love to work with art and crafting during deep points of lunar activity. And it is no small work that we do in these moments. The dolls your see above and below were amongst the first creations and I realised they were threshold sisters. The doll in the black box became a mourning doll for my best friend who just lost his father and the doll in the white box made right at the point of eclipse became a Blood Moon Guardian for my dear 13 year old faerie god-daughter as she awaits to step through the threshold into womanhood. Both of these dolls were very alike in energy, both deep and silent in their voice, serious work to do looking after their new owners. I was so happy to be able to assist both of these beautiful friends in this way - in times of threshold crossing and transformation, we rarely find words that do justice to the Mystery.
I feel Medicine Dolls help us to connect to the magical child, the Otherwordly Dreamer that exists within us all. We are at a time when the veils to the Mystery are becoming ever thinner and many of us are feeling the call to connect deeply to our dreaming selves and intuition again. If you feel you have lost the Dreamer or do not have one, you are feeling a common ailment in the western world. I call this feeling Hiraeth from the Welsh for Homesick Spirit. Making art, writing songs, dancing with our own Spirit again - are just some of the ways to call the Dreamer home. We must make time for our dreaming self, how else can know the difference between thought and intuition? I hope you can find time to create for your Dreamer as we head into the Dark Moon. 
In our Winter Solstice Swan Blessing workshop will be focussing on clearing binding Vows, Oaths and Sacred Contracts made in Past Lives that are still binding the Dreamer and trust in our natural intuition. These binds can be created from lifetimes were we embraced strict religious beliefs, temple vows and also lifetimes where we may have trusted our intuition only to see something go terribly wrong - we are often carrying fear and regret from these lifetimes that do not serve our spirits in the present.  At Winter Solstice we will journey back into our past lives to understand the oaths we have made and why we made them and with great love release our spirits from these heavy binds. We will then be guided by Doll Enchantress, Nicole Ahava to begin creating our own Spirit Doll in the likeness of our Dreamer. I am so pleased to be offering this deep SoulCraft in my beloved Sherbrooke Forest, the wild green home to the magical Lyrebird - Medicine Totem of Lineage, Storytelling and Memory. 
You will find all the details for the Winter Solstice Swan Blessing here. And you can see the full range of the 13 Eclipse Medicine Dolls on our Facebook page.