the Wheel in the Forest

Sherbrooke Forest is looking like a faerie wonderland at the moment - it's as if Autumn is turning on tiny colourful lights. The leaves are so bright so supernatural and of course very very natural. Yesterday was the first of May a point in the Wheel of the year in the Southern Hemisphere when the veils are thin between the worlds and Winter is making herself known. It is a time of remembering Ancestors and acknowledging loved ones who have passed through the veil. 
At midnight I sat up and finished a medicine doll for Melody and her work as a Shamanic Midwife and so much more. The doll that came for her asked for the medicine of Bear. I had been given a precious gift of Bear fur by a dear friend and medicine woman last year and I knew this doll was to help Melody begin some important work illuminating and healing deep wounds for women around birth and abortion. This doll came as a someone who would hold Melody as she held the space for women. The Bear fur is encircled by a soft green embrace of Moss. 
The second doll was a bright and beautiful surprise. On this darkening time of the year, the Golden Bee Queen birthed. She asked for a spiral of Pollen on her belly and honey-like Citrine over her third eye. I remembered a golden Bee purchased in France that I had been keeping for a special doll. The pressing is from a very old Bee image and she glowed so beautifully especially when placed over the dolls heart. I was overjoyed to see her go to a friend's beekeeping mother and lover of the sacred Bee. 
Yesterday I took these photos on a walk with my dear sister, Kylie in secret sacred woods and we spoke about how much we have both changed in the 6 years we have known each other. And how after the last month of such intense change we felt on the cusp of rebirth and renewal. Kylie is a DJ and has just launched her new sound as Sonic Butterfly at a gathering on sacred Aboriginal land. She's another Aquarian - a sound alchemist behind the decks! Or perhaps more like a mad professor and her gift for using sound as Medicine is reaching a whole new level now - aligning each song to the sonic frequency of the chakras. She has just launched her Facebook page and her aim is to reach 300 Likes before releasing her first set - let's help her get there this week!
Just look at how the leaves are dying so beautifully at the moment, how radiant and glorious the falling away can be. Whatever part of the Wheel you are feel you are journeying through in your own life at the moment, I hope that you can take a moment to see the beauty in it.  After this walk we began the search for a new four-legged family member. We are ready to open our hearts to the mighty love of the Dog again.

Rory our Sacred Familiar Returns to the Mother

Our dear soul brother and familiar, Rory passed through the threshold on tuesday to return to Earth Mother. We shared 16 beautiful years together and many of those were spent in ceremony and healings. Rory was the inspiration for us working under the name Sacred Familiar.

Sweetest soul, thank you for bringing your medicine to our lives and for the boundless love of your huge lion-heart. Bright blessings on your journey into the green heart of the Earth.

We have moved - thanks for your patience!

We are still without Internet yet in our new nest in Sherbrooke Forest so I have not been able to post over the last week. We have settled in & it is beautiful. We look forward to welcoming you into the forest for your Swan Blessing ancestral medicine sessions. We are taking bookings by phone so until we are web weavers again please get in touch to book sessions or to request a doll by ringing: 0421249183 or leaving a message on our Facebook page. Hopefully all will be back to normal by the end of the week.

you are no longer a stranger

Charging Black Drongo
Vinayak Parmar/National Geographic Photo Contest

“When you accept the state of being a stranger, you are no longer a stranger. I have been an exile when everything around me seemed strange and everybody was a stranger. Once I accepted that I didn’t have to belong and I didn’t have to be part of the world, then I was free to be part of it. There was a paradoxical release of the spirit. The world became mine when I was no longer holding on to it.”