Kate Bush

Kate Bush: The Child with the Woman in Her Eyes

kate bush There is an old Jesuit quote: 'Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man...'  

When ask what am I meant to be doing? I often ask them to remember what they loved to do as a child. When I was seven I spent hours pretending to teach and telling stories to my dolls, reading mythology, making herbal 'remedies' from the flowers and herbs in our garden and spinning around and around to music. There is great wisdom in the heart of the child and I often feel as adults it is part of our quest to regain this innocence and trust in letting the heart speak to us of the path we truly wish to take, especially in our vocation.

Today I felt inspired to look at photographs of the always enchanting, Kate Bush, and found these incredibly beautiful photos taken by her brother, John Carder Bush, when she was very young. Her path is right there in her eyes. These photos were published in a book called Cathy inspired by Kate's song Wuthering Heights in 1986 and will be published in hardback on 20th November 2014 by Little, Brown.

Can you remember how you loved to spend time as a child? Perhaps you have a photograph that can help you to find your way back, a little signpost...