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Elementals Online Medicine DollMarket

11705168_935011293208356_6534412857062590551_n Hello, we have been very quiet here of late due to large number of custom orders over winter but we have also been creating a tribe of medicine dolls inspired by the elements, sacred geometry and plant friends of the Forest and they will be available very soon at our next online DollMarket.

This little doll community will be available to carry on their magical workings with their new keepers on Sunday, 2nd August (Australian time zone). The market will take place as a Facebook event  beginning at 1pm (Melbourne time) and finishing 2 hours later. Here is a link to the event page. The Elemental Medicine Dolls have all been handcrafted by the fire here in deep winter in Sherbrooke Forest. We will also be sharing dolls wearing the medicine of Huichol beading blessed and gifted from an ancestral family from Mexico. All medicine dolls are made by hand with love and intention with hand dyed artisan wool and fibres and fossicked plant and mineral medicines.

The dollmarkets are a great place to have a chat with us about our dollmaking process and ask any questions you may have. You'll also get to meet a lot of lovely people and have a chance to win a custom medicine doll.

Below are some of the Elemental sisters who will be available, we can't wait to share them all with you very soon!


Medicine Doll Workshop - Autumn Equinox and Animal Medicine

Stag Woman by Sacred Familiar Dollmaking circle March with Sacred Familiar

We invite you to join us in the magical Sherbrooke Forest at the Autumn Equinox to create a medicine doll that will become a bridge to help you to connect with your animal totems. Autumn Equinox is a sacred time of crossing the threshold into the deeper and quieter months of Autumn and Winter.  The changes experienced by Mother Earth and her seasons are mirrored in our bodies and spirits and listening to the messages from our totem animals can be very important to help us be aware of our own transformation and dreams. Together we will handcraft dolls from pure merino wool to carry plant medicines, wishes and intentions and the medicine of our spirit animals.

This is a deeper medicine doll circle where the focus will be on animal medicine and totems. To begin we will be tuning in and listening to 3 sacred animals here in Sherbrooke Forest: the Fox, Stag and Lyrebird. The doll will teach us how to receive messages from these and other creatures as we engage in the ancient and healing ritual of sacred adornment and symbol reading. We will weave ceremonial headpieces for our dolls and in particular Stag Horns to connect to the mythology of the 'StagWomen' - creation of stag horns and headdresses will be from both wool and branches found by us in nearby Sherbrooke Forest.

This may be the last circle I hold until Winter as I am travelling to America in May to teach about the magic of the doll at the Spirit Weavers Gathering in the Redwood forest. This circle is open to everyone including beginners but is particularly useful if you would like to develop your skills in medicine adornment. We will be creating antlers and forest crowns with branches and leaves found in the forest. We will also hold a seed blessing ceremony with the sacred acorn that will go into the belly of your doll and I will also be offering for the first time in a doll workshop the Faerie Rites passed to me from Ireland.

The medicine we will be working with is the Fox, Stag and Lyrebird and if you have any special medicines you would like to add please bring them along.

Autumn Equinox Dollmaking Circle -  21 March 2-15

Animal Medicine Totems and Medicine Doll Ceremony

12 - 5pm, Autumn Equinox Saturday 21st March 2015
Kumbada Studio, 6 Ridge Road, Kalorama VIC  (map)
Cost: $120 (includes all dollmaking materials)  limited places  Bookings

The medicine doll is an ancient being familiar and beloved to many cultures around the world. When we create a medicine doll we reconnect to the ancestral medicine of healing and enchantment – to weave life and love into creation. This act of creation is not something outside of us but a natural gift to birth and weave a bridge to the source, to the ancestors and to our own spirit – the dreamer within the dream. In our doll enchantment ceremony we will learn how to craft a medicine doll from felt and wool and plant medicines. In circle and ceremony we will call on the wisdom of our grandmothers and the ancestors who are midwifing the flow of beauty and healing through our hands and hearts. Your medicine doll will become a sacred vessel of your own intentions, dreams and wishes for yourself, your beloveds and for Mother Earth. And she will return home to live with you as a spirit sister and holder of the dreams and connections made in our sacred forest circle at the Autumn Equinox.

StagWoman Medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

StarTribes Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar


medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Dollmaking Circle at Spirit Weavers Gathering

Spirit Weavers Gathering

Hello sisters of the North! We are excited to be journeying from Australia next year to share a medicine dollmaking circle at Spirit Weavers Gathering in the Redwood forest of California! I will be holding this circle with my dear sister Talulah of Making Sacred. We will be singing Grandmother songs as we create our dolls deep in the forest. So many amazing women sharing skills at this cosmic gathering. Friends and dollmakers we hope to see you there xx
DeathDoula medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

SolarSisters Medicine Doll Market

SolarSisters Medicine doll market with Sacred Familiar Hello everyone, we are holding a final online medicine doll market: SolarSisters Market - taking place as a Facebook event on Friday 5th December starting at 7pm (Australian time). At this market we will be introducing many dolls and their new freshly revealed faces. Including the doll you see below: RainboWeaver the Welcomer.

We are so excited to be also sharing this market with 3 guest weavers and beloved sisters: Alice Savage, Sadie Jean Tansey and Natasha Heard. They are creating some amazing one-off creations just for the SolarSisters Market. We hope to see you there!

Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar

Seeing with Eyes Open - Gift from the Trees

Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar

Last weekend Tony and I sat in ceremony with the plants in the forest for 2 days and nights and when I came home I began to see and feel the spirit of the medicine dolls in a new way. I could see their eyes and that they wanted more of their faces to be seen. This was so exciting to me as I have been waiting for the time when this would come. It's as if the GrandMother dollmakers have taken me to different room in the apprenticeship!

The doll above is the EnchanterVervain. I loved her as soon as I created her but didn't realise how much until it came time to sell her. I found it very difficult and something didn't feel right and so I thought she must be a gift for a friend who needs her. Little did I know that on the weekend as I left the house to attend the ceremony she called to me to bring her too. And I'm so glad that I did. She told me that she is my doll and then she began to teach me a deeper level of connecting to spirit as I worked that would also stop me from feeling stressed and distracted when I was too busy. And then she began to show me her face. When I got home I made just a few touches with the felting needle - and there she was! This is the new way for me now. I look forward to sharing the faces of these new plant medicine women with you all.

Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar

Medicine Doll by Sacred Familiar

Mama&Cub Medicine Doll Spring Giveaway

Mama&Cub Sacred Familiar GIveaway We are having a giveaway of the Mama&Cub medicine doll to celebrate the blossoming of Spring over on Instagram. To have your own chance to win this Spring Mama and her fluffy cub carried in a fossilised cocoon all you have to do is follow @sacredfamiliar share and hashtag #sacredfamiliarmamadoll

Inside Cub is mountain ash resin and Mama has a medicine bundle in her belly holding orchids, hawthorn berries, forest moss, sequoia, mountain ash resin, wattle, rosemary, birch bark and oak. Her Springtime headdress is created from quail feathers, pine leaves, smokey quartz crystal and wild chamomile flowers gathered by Alice Savage in the little forest near her home in Italy. She holds a staff covered in forest lichen and moss and topped with a clear quartz point.

We will draw the winner at midday 2nd September - good luck everyone!

Mama&Cub medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Mama&Cub medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

mama&cub medicine doll Sacred Familiar giveaway

Mama and cub medicine doll by sacred familiar

Cosmic Children and GrandMother Dolls

OrchidDreamer medicine doll by Sacred Familiar I had the best time creating this medicine doll for Tilda who is 11 and a budding young artist. She is the OrchidDreamer friendship doll and filled with orchids grown in Tony's mother's garden and lots of forest flowers that I picked close to our home. While I was making her one of favourite people came to visit and I'm sure all of that laughter and storytelling has been woven into her dress.

Tilda's request for a friendship doll came in the same week that I received 3 more invitations to create dolls for children. This is the CrystalReader doll for Emma who is 12 receiving a sun blessing on her crystal ball.

CrystalReader Medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

I have been inspired so much by the spirit of the child whilst making these dolls that I began to make some big changes in my life, creating space for my own cosmic child to play. I created a tarot spread to understand what the cosmic child needs and I will share this spread with our subscribers very soon on the 1st September - the first day of Spring here in Australia.

I believe that whenever we give we receive and this week I had a sudden compulsion to go to our local opshop. And look who I found - my own doll! Isn't she beautiful. I don't know anything about her except that she looks completely handmade right down to her woolly jumper. She reminds me of my ancestors from Scotland and Ireland. Perhaps she is Fox's grandmother and has travelled from the Shetland Islands to take care of us all. Thanks Tilda! I definitely believe you and the OrchidDreamer had a hand in this doll exchange x

grandmother doll Sacred Familiar

This Week's Medicine Inspiration

Crystals for Sacred Familiar Medicine Dolls A couple of days ago I chose these crystal treasures for new medicine dolls. I am in awe of the dolls and their ways of teaching - I am learning more about the mineral world with each doll. This week we have been foraging and gathering plant medicines for dolls in Sherbrooke Forest, Mt Donna Buang and in the Redwood Forest in East Warburton. Inspiration everywhere x

Fern heart by Sacred Familiar

Tree Sherbrooke Forest by Sacred Familiar

Moss from Sherbrooke Forest by Sacred Familiar

Redwood Forest by Sacred Familiar

Redwood Forest by Sacred Familiar

Inspired by the Spirit of the Child

Tilda's wax doll Sacred Familiar This beautiful wax doll was created by 11 year old Tilda after being inspired by our medicine dolls. Tilda and her mum sent me an email this week titled : inspired by you. The thought that I had made something that could inspire a child to create gave me the best and happiest feeling in my heart all weekend. Thank you Tilda! I am being inspired by YOU!

The spirit of the inner child has been something that has been on my mind for the last month especially after the full moon when I began feeling such a strong sense of fear and exhaustion that it lead me to create a Tarot spread called 'shining a light on the scary'. Through having a deep and honest look at the beliefs that were creating my fears and the practices I was engaged in that were making me so tired, I came to see that the wisest part of myself was being ignored - my inner child. When I asked her what she wanted it was a simple answer: to create and create and create! And so I have decided to have a long break from teaching and working with groups to focus only on dollmaking and working in one-on-one healing sessions. This decision feels incredibly freeing and full of creative possibilities.

When I began to make dolls for what I thought was the first time last year (67 weeks ago exactly) I had no idea of the door I would be opening to my own ancestral medicine. I didn't know that dollmaking would be become such an important practice for me, yes, almost an obsession. But a happy obsession! Since I began last year I have a doll almost every single day and yet I am still just as excited to be creating dolls for others. It is a way for my inner child to speak to the inner children of others and a bridge to share friendship, comfort and the healing herbs, plants & stones of the earth. The full moon this month was in Aquarius, my own sun sign and on that night I made a dedication to my inner child to let her play. I dedicated myself to the craft of dollmaking and to creating the very best vessels of healing and love that I could. This commitment to do only what I love feels like a whole new chapter of my life.

Tilda's letter came to me not long after I had made this dedication to my own inner child. It was just the confirmation I needed. Tilda told me that she has been saving up to buy her own medicine doll and this week I get the pleasure and honour to dream and weave her in. When I asked Tilda what intention she would like her doll to hold she told me,

'The real main reason I want one of your dolls is because I want her to be my friend.'

Thank you Tilda for speaking so beautifully and truthfully for every child inside of us all. Thank you for inviting me to play and create this special new friend just for you.

Over the last year I've had a few requests for medicine dolls for children, boys and girls, and they have a special sparkle about them. A twinkle. Here are some of the dolls that are now best friends to those wise little beings.

Cosmic Cat & Butterfly Doll Wise Man doll by Sacred Familiar Merlin medicine doll by Sacred Familiar

Medicine doll for child by Sacred Familiar

Tree Sister Medicine Dolls - Seeds of Change

Sequoia Sisters medicine dolls sacred familiar The medicine dolls are cunning folk - they have strong intuition of their own.

Recently I gave a doll called Seeds of Change away free to the first person to claim her at the end of our DollMarket day. She was one of the last remaining dolls and I felt her spirit telling me that she was to be a gift. Within minutes, a woman named Gillian contacted me letting me know that she was interested in Seeds of Change and I told her congratulations. The next day Gillian got in touch to say that she had gone to our website to show her children their new doll and found out that the doll had been a free gift. She had thought that she was bidding for the doll and the fact that there was no charge was a total surprise.

A few days ago I received a longer message from Gillian telling me that her family had received Seeds of Change & that she had already begun giving them new hope. She then told me that they had been one of the families that had lost their home & everything they owned in the Victorian bush fires last February. It had tested them severely but they did not feel unlucky, instead, they felt extremely blessed that they had all survived unharmed. But their hearts were missing their land and it was very hard not being able to return. With the doll's arrival they received the sign they were waiting for to finally move back to their land & begin to build their new home and lives again.

I remember creating the Seeds of Change doll purely for my own enjoyment one night. I had received some very fine and luminous silks and dressed the doll in her glittering but fragile golden threads. I then lay a large piece of Red Bellied Black snakeskin over most of her torso to balance the sense of fragility and surrounded it with leaves and branches. She has a carnelian stone over her heart, amethyst over her solar plesux and wears Kookaburra and Crow feathers in her hair. When I look at this doll now I see that she was already being made for Gillian and her family. I see that so much of her was linked to their story of courage and rebirth.

So much love to you & your family Gillian as you begin to plan the seeds to birth this new life. 

Seeds of Change Plant Medicine doll