Healing the Shadow

Tarot Spread - GrandMother's Gift to the Cosmic Child

The Sun Tarot Card RW This year my biggest teacher has been the inner child, thanks in no small part to the craft of dollmaking. I soon realised that when I moved beyond intellect, the wisest part of me was a child - I call her the Cosmic Child. The Cosmic Child is the part of us that knows what we love to do naturally and well and wants us to create more space to do it in. This is why connecting to her or him is so important when we want to recover our gifts, talents, or understand our calling. In essence - our medicine.

Recently I created a Tarot spread to work with clients to explore and integrate the Shadow called Shining a Light on the Scary. The scariest part of these sessions was not the truth, the shadow issues or the session itself - it was the fear that keeps us from wanting to know the truth - it was the lead up to the session when our minds create the worst outcomes. In almost every session, the treasure that was waiting behind the fear was often their greatest gift - held in the hands of the inner child. More often than not, the fear was in letting that beautiful and innocent part of us out into the world and share our gifts with trust - trusting ourselves to be open completely and share our love. And so once we understood what the shadow behaviour was that kept this treasure hidden, these sessions became more about getting to know the Cosmic Child!

Very often there is work to do to find the Cosmic Child especially when we are carrying wounds from our own childhood. But I'm not comfortable with calling that child the Wounded Child, I feel like we can get stuck in the past sometimes in those old wounds and the most powerful way of letting go of the past is to be present. No one is more present than a child. She helps me to remember that the soul is ancient and that the not too distant past is just one story in her cosmic journey. I like the image of the StarChild - ageless, ancient and futuristic and when I remember that she is the one that lives inside me, it helps me to expand beyond my old limitations and remember my medicine and to feel excited about trying new things. She is my connection to the stars, the cosmos and limitless potential.

So now I know the Cosmic Child how do I take care of her? I wanted grounded practical advice to help me not only co-create a life with her but also how to nourish and protect her. Who would know this better than anyone? Her GrandMother of course! And so this is the next step in this Tarot cycle - GrandMother's Gift to the Cosmic Child. I imagined visiting her ancient grandmother and drinking tea while she told me in no uncertain terms how I must tend and care for this child now that I had released her from the cave and brought her out into the sunlight.

My wish and intention is that this tarot spread gives you solid and practical advice on how to help your Cosmic Child THRIVE!

GrandMother's Gift to the Cosmic Child tarot spread with The Wild Unknown Tarot deck.

Sacred Familiar Tarot Spread


Sacred Familiar Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread Positions :

1. What Is

2. What the Cosmic Child Wants

3. What the Cosmic Child Needs

4. How you are currently mothering the Cosmic Child - is this connected to your own childhood

5. Behaviours & Beliefs to be Released

6. Behaviours & Beliefs to Embrace

7. GrandMother's Gift for the Cosmic Child

8. Your new journey with the Cosmic Child


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