Poem for the OwlKeeper's Daughter - Barn Owl doll

OwlKeeper's Daughter Medicine doll by Sacred Familiar Owls are magical creatures and there is something so gentle in the heart-shaped face of the Barn Owl. We were gifted feathers of the barn owl from a friend who lives in Queensland and they are the softest feathers I have ever held. When we offered The OwlKeeper's Daughter, we received this beautiful poem from Fiona Lewis, another Sherbrooke Forest inhabitant :

The owl keepers daughter offers trust in the night The owl keepers daughter brings vision as a light The owl keepers daughter lodges a crystal in the heart where the wisdom of foresight pierces illusion like a dart The owl keepers daughter so gentle and quiet whispers peaceful incantations in the fading twilight The owl keepers daughter brings the oracle to life and ever so still cuts through fear like a knife

Thank you Fiona! We're very happy that she is already inspiring creativity - your words tell her story so well. Blessings and love on your owl wing journeys in the forest x

Barn owl Feathers - Sacred Familiar

Barn owl  - Sacred Familiar