Rainbow Love - new plant spirit dolls

I am Love, You are Love St John's Wort medicine doll

These are some of the plant spirit dolls that have been birthing here in the forest in the month of February - lots of pink and red hair/hare I see! I am particularly enjoying creating the dolls made personally for their keepers. I loved making the Oak and Moss Avalon Mysteries doll you see below. She has a lot of style! The beauty of birthing dolls is that I do not choose the way they look, they come through with their own personality and talismans required for their new keepers. Some are elaborate and some are beautifully simple like Pelican Womb Healer. She carries Pelican smudging fan created and gifted to us by Nature's Art Melbourne. Thank you!

Blessings and love to all the new doll keepers x

Custom doll for Louise - Oak and Moss Avalon Mysteries

Pelican Womb Healer Spirit Doll
carrying sacred women's herbs blessed in ceremony - overcoming obstacles with ease
Rain Spirit Doll completed on the day the rain fell over the burnt lands 15th Feb, 2014
Full Moon Passionflower Medicine Doll created on full moon 15th February, 2014 
RedHare Elemental Shapeshifter Doll Holding Mountain Ash Resin staff
Tree Lover, Hive Mother - Bee Pollen and Beeswax Doll