the beauty of Marigold plant medicine

Over the last 3 nights I have been working with the beautiful solar radiance of Marigold (Calendula) plant medicine. These particular Marigolds were grown in Egypt and the dolls that birthed to carry this plant wisdom were both so full of love and came with a similar message - to walk beside you as a light in the dark night. As it is believed that the magical Marigold brings prophetic dreams, I made these two dolls particularly to be placed beside your pillow or on your bedside table at night. 

Marigold - Latin Name: Calendula officinalis, Catha officinalis
Also known as: Holigold, Mary Bud, Solis Sponsa, Occulus Christi

Calendulae means 'throughout the months' but the old Saxon name 'ymbglidegold' means 'it turns with the sun'. There is also a long association with the Virgin Mary.

Healing Qualities: reducing inflammation, wound healing, improves blood flow, calming affect on ulcers and cramps, eases menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. 

Magical Qualities: prophesy, prophetic dreams, psychic energy, seeing magical beings, love, clairvoyance, legal affairs and renewing personal energy. 

'Golde is bitter in savour
Fayr and yelow is his flouwr
The golde flour is good to sene
It makyth the syth (sight) brythe and clene
Wyscely to lokyn on his flowris
Drawyth out the heed wikked hirores (humors).'
From Macer's Herbal (trans. John Lelamoure, 1373)

Crow Shaman medicine doll

Marigold Flowers and Crow Feathers
Night Prophecy for the Children of the Sun
Dreaming and Vision Receiving Doll

Rosella Faerie medicine doll
Marigold and Hawthorn Flowers
Rosella Feathers & Star worn over her Heart
This doll was made on the Dark Moon and her medicine is simply:
'I will take care of you'
Healing the Heart with Light and Colour