Spirit Sisters - Plant Medicine Dolls

White Cedar Woman - connection to World Tree Medicine
wisdom for ceremony and ritual preparation

And so the journey with my plant medicine dolls continues as I prepare to hold the space for the return of the medicine women of Femmina Unbound at the Convent. I have begun to understand that they are part of new pathways, perhaps wee bridges to the magic of the Otherworld, creating new root systems for plant medicine and ancestral wisdom to take hold in our world again. Let me know if a doll is calling to you - I am only the midwife, these dolls have lives to live away from me, with their Spirit Sisters.

Wattle Sun Magic - The Solar Astrologer
New beginnings, fire seeds of inspiration
Patchouli and Sweet Myrrh plant medicine

Singer of the Birds, King Parrot wisdom
Patchouli and Ethiopian Frankincense Plant Medicine

Dream Weaver - Passion Flower and Patchouli
Birting Dreams into Reality

Custom order for Vision Quest: Thunderbird Dancer