Re-Enchantment - Your Spirit Has Songs Beyond Time

Lyrebird dancing by sacred familiar Recently I was given the gift of a Lyrebird feather. I was deeply honoured to receive it not only because the feathers of these totem birds of Sherbrooke Forest are so very rare and hard to find but also because they are medicine from these sonic record keepers, the ancestral sound recorders. Lyrebirds have a prehistoric memory recall of the sounds of animals that no longer exist on the earth.  These ancient creatures have a lot to teach us about ancestral voices and once when I was listening to a lyrebird in the forest, I felt a line of energy or space open up through my sinuses and mouth - it felt like an activation of some kind and it was created by a frequency of sound made by this bird that is actually way too hard to describe in words. Sonic is the only word that comes close to it.

And the sound of our words spoken aloud or in song can be just as powerful. We are being called now to speak for the Earth and for her animals, her trees, her water. Reclaiming our words and the unique sound of our own voice and then speaking with intent can be life-changing. I believe that some of us are being called to re-enchant the earth and her people with our voices. To sing up the earth, to sing alive our bodies. When we are speaking from the depths of our heart it can build an etheric bridge to the voice of the spirit. Our timeless spirit may speak in a voice unrecognisable to the conscious self. I have spoken to singers who tell me they are often surprised with what comes out when they open their mouths to sing. This voice may be strange to your ears, it may not carry your accent from your current lifetime. It may be beyond accent, beyond the linguistic heritage of family and country.

Often in medicine sessions, I hear this strange and queer voice, sometimes whispering, sometimes deep and loud. The more I hear Her the more I have come to love and trust this voice that does not obey my mind. A voice that is not always pretty and sometimes beyond words - pure sound. Don't let shyness or the risk of sounding 'silly' block the ancestral voice. Your spirit is ageless and unique and your voice is an instrument to communicate it's message.

Imagine if any one of these incredible singers had held back in any way...we would be the poorer for not receiving the full expression of their gift.