The Weekly Familiar - Tasmanian Tiger

The Weekly Familiar - an Animal Message from Tony

This Week's Familiar is the Tasmanian Tiger.

The Tasmanian Tiger was been hunted to extinction many years ago but is still with us in spirit. The Tasmanian Tiger has come forward to teach us about acknowledgement. Sometimes we are not acknowledging our gifts to ourselves or to others. The Tasmanian Tiger was a very shy animal and rarely seen. Because of this stories were created about this beautiful animal that were not true and it was deemed very dangerous. Is it time to stop shying away from your own gifts? Is it becoming more dangerous or unpleasant to remain hiding them? Try to  acknowledge your talents first within yourself, when you accept your own abilities even though you may be shy, others will feel this and acknowledge you for who you truly are. We all have our own special gifts. We honour the spirit of Tasmanian Tiger, we have not forgotten you.

Be Wild!