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The Familiar - Spirit Doll Online Course. It’s finally happening! After many years I am creating a course to share the art of the spirit doll and needlefelting online so that wherever you are in the world you can sit in the forest with me and create a doll in real time. I will share stories of doll magic, pilgrimage, folklore, choosing herbs for healing and creating dolls as bridges to the ancestors. In this 9 week course you will learn to step through blocks to your own creativity and sharing your craft, opening channels of healing through creating by hand with the ancient craft of felting. We will make dolls as our own magical Familiar and finally step into service by creating a healing doll for someone we love. I’m so excited to share this work that first visited me in a dream 15 years ago and came true when I moved to the forest and began my doll apprenticeship 6 years ago. The spirit doll has occupied my heart and hands and brought me so much joy - I wish the same for you. This is our Grandmother’s medicine - from their hands to ours, love Julia.

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