Welcoming the Dark Sister - Embracing Black Moon Lilith

The first of the Black Moon Lilith Illumination workshops has already filled within a week, showing me just how necessary and needed this beautiful shadow work is for us at the moment. For those of you who missed out on a place, I will be holding the next workshop on the Dark Moon in Gemini on Monday, 18th June. Please contact me with your birth details if you feel called to explore this illuminating work.

At this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine we are asked to illuminate the shadow aspects of lives to bring these 'orphaned' or 'outcast' aspects of ourselves into the luminous circle. Once embraced and loved they begin to become powerful traits and treasured gifts.

In this small and personal workshop held on the Dark Moon in Gemini a time when we can receive messages from our 'twin' or 'other' self, we will discover through Astrology where our Black Moon Lilith  resides in our Natal Chart. Through the ancient symbols of the Tarot we will find a language to help us to delve into the Deep, the Unknown to recover, honour and welcome every part of ourselves. It is time to reclaim the wise woman, the shamaness, the wild creatures. It is time to express our True Nature.

8 places available: please contact Julia with your birth details.

Welcoming the Dark Sister - Embracing Dark Moon Lilith

At this time of the rise of the Divine Feminine we are asked to illuminate the shadow aspects of lives to bring these 'orphaned' or 'outcast' aspects of ourselves into the luminous circle. Once embraced and loved they begin to become powerful traits and treasured gifts.

In this small and personal workshop held on the potent evening of Rebirth: the New Moon Eclipse on Monday, 21st May, we will discover through Astrology where our Black Moon Lilith  resides in our Natal Chart. Through the ancient symbols of the Tarot we will find a language to help us to delve into the Deep, the Unknown to recover, honour and welcome every part of ourselves. It is time to reclaim the wise woman, the shamaness, the wild creatures. It is time to express our True Nature.

8 places available: please contact Julia with your birth details.

Sitting with the Grandmothers at Dark Moon

I woke up this morning and saw this image over on the site of the woman of wonder that is Sister Wolf and I thought how apt it was for the energy of the Dark Moon at the moment. It is a particularly heavy Dark Moon tonight and tomorrow as we are processing the changes and experiences of our lives since the nineties - the era of Neptune in Aquarius. For some of us the last week has felt like a very lonely time, I saw an image of debris being washed up on the shore just then - as if the arrival of Neptune into Pisces earlier this month was a 'moving in time' and we are realising only now that this new energy is making us aware of old furniture and clothing in our 'house' that doesn't fit the new us. There may be relationships that we are seeing with new eyes & employment that feels so old and far away from who we are right now. I have heard from many clients who are experiencing changes in their workplaces that are out of their control - much like the 'dark night of the soul' this is the Dark Moon before the illuminating light of the New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday (9.35am). This New Moon is also conjunct Neptune making it even more magical and flowing - a truly incredible and quite possibly the most powerful New Moon of 2012. So whenever there is a build up to such an important time, we will feel this even more deeply than usual.

Goddess of the Western Isles by Iain Lowe

So in these next 2 days we cannot fight the release and really why would we want to? The Dark Moon is a time to rest, reflect without thinking to much - to open ourselves to feeling the loss of the old before we make way for the new. We are letting go of the old structures, work and relationships that have helped us so much in the last 2 decades and we need to release them as they will become prisons that our heart needs to move beyond in this new era of spiritual awaking. We are being called to be more connected to the voice of our own Spirit and to the voice of the land, our Mother Earth. In this time I will sit with the energy of An Cailleach - the Crone Grandmother of the Celtic Otherworld. This archetype is strong and sometimes fierce - she has no time for wasting - she helps us as we sit at the crossroads of our life. The crossroads are where we are right now, a liminal space of transformation right at the point of stepping out of the old and before we have taken a step into the new. This is a time to talk with our ancestors, our wise relations to ask for guidance and then to listen to our own hearts to find the direction our new path is taking.

The Little Mermaid, Karel Kachyna, 1974

So for everyone who is feeling the rise of debris from the old life as it hits the shore, don't try to hold on, to cling to the past - let go, there is another path waiting after the birth of the New Moon, a path bright & glittering. What is your new path? What is your new commitment to your Spirit? This may come to you over the next 2 nights - a beautiful time for consulting oracles, the Tarot and meditation. If you feel called to deepen the connection to your spirit with the wise old crone An Cailleach, we will be journey with her on Wednesday, the New Moon night as she helps to strip away the debris, the old self before she rebuilds us again, breathing new life into the new self. In this ceremony we call Commitment to Self, held on the date of 22.2.2012 a powerful day in the Mayan Calendar called the Red Solar Serpent Day, a day of creating Harmony within ourselves directed by the balancing energy of the Number 2 we will feel the threshold of the New Path just in front of us and at the New Moon take a conscious step into it.

If you wish to join us please let me know - we are donating all proceeds from this powerful and magically charged evening to the beautiful koalas of the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter. Let's take that step into the future together.

And the song 'Anthem' by singer & poet Leonard Cohen that always helps me to let go... 'there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in'.

Neptune is Home

Welcome Home! At 6.05am this morning the planet Neptune the ruler of spirituality, mysticisim, imagination and dreams returned to it's home in the sign of Pisces and will stay there for 13 years. To celebrate I could think of nothing better than sharing the underwater photography of Zena Holloway & of course, Jimi Hendrix and his wildly prophetic, Valleys of Neptune. Lovers of music, art, mysticism...are you ready for the wave? Let's dive in!  

New Moon New Year Water Dragon

Hello beautiful people! Tonight we stepped through the threshold of the New Moon in Aquarius in the year of the Water Dragon - can you feel how light and flowing the energy just became?! This is the year of the Artist and if you'd like to read more about this and Neptunian wave of 2012, I have just written on this in the New Year New Moon Newsletter coming out tomorrow to all of our subscribers. Look out for beautiful artwork by Nadia Turner & Alex Gross. If you wish to receive a copy, please join our mailing list or you can email us at

Oceans of love,

Julia & Tony

Hello 2012 - we are ready

Hello Everyone,

I'm already so excited about this year, are you ready to paint and create and make art of your life? The planet Neptune will  take up residence in it's natural home, the sign of Pisces from 4th February for the next 14 years - a time to embrace our true selves and FEEL. This Neptunian energy is going to be HUGE for artists, musicians and all round crafty and creative people. That means you!

'Stars Shower Her', encaustic art Julia Inglis 2011

I truly believe we are all artists and naturally intuitive beings. I hope that this is the year that you open the door to full flow of creativity, intuition and a heart full of love for our plant and animal friends. Mother Nature needs our love and attention  and this is the year to bring about massive change in the way that we view our animal companions and the earth we live on, in, from.  I know these changing times are not a smooth ride but the more we can be present and open and passionate in our choices, the more we will have access to freedom, authentic relationships and a deep understanding of our own natural rhythms and the rhythms of our nature.

I welcome you all to join us this year in consultations and classes exploring creativity and spirit such as: Encaustic Art, Writing & Photography, Mythology & Symbology, Creating Our Own Oracle Decks, and new work combining Tarot & Astrology: Welcoming Home the Outcasts - Chiron the Wounded Healer and Black Moon Lilith. Some of these classes have already been listed and you can read more here.

So let's begin this incredible quest that is 2012 together. Are you ready...let's go! xxx

Preparing for the New Moon Eclipse - LET'S MAKE MORE ART!

El Oraculo Celoso, Mariana Palova 2011

Hello beautiful people,

well Mercury goes Retrograde today in the Dark Moon as we prepare for a New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius tomorrow - wow, how much can we handle?! The answer: EVERYTHING, we can handle everything. The key is to handle it in your own individual way. Some of us are going into Hermit mode while others are feeling the glorious Fire of Sagittarius and gearing up for the party season. I believe this incredible period of time we are living in where the Divine Feminine is rising from the depths again is about discovering, exploring and living your own true authentic spirit. So do what your spirit is urging you to do!
In the Dark Moon tonight is a perfect time to work with your Tarot cards to gain clarity and understanding of the changes that are happening and to create conscious pathways to a radiant future. I am so in love with the Gaian Tarot at the moment and have been using this nourishing and healing deck with all of my clients and in my own readings for myself. Here is The Seeker (The Fool) from the Gaian Tarot - an inspiring visual of the energy of this New Moon Eclipse.
Eclipses tend to activate breakthroughs and insights and sometimes illuminate and bring forward issues that we've been trying to hide from or avoid. And partnered with the energy of Sagittarius it could get fiery so be aware that with Mercury in Retrograde, mis-communication is a theme. I'd be giving difficult types a wide berth and instead focussing this creative and fire-filled time of rebirth into creative projects - tomorrow would be perfect day to create a new Vision Board for your dreams for 2012.

Below is the vision board I created for 2011 - I had no idea at the time that I would be working with water essences and healing with water, working with clients to bring light to the shadow-self or even to discover my own Black Moon Lilith in the Fire Sign of Leo - but here it all is waiting to be brought forward from the dreamworlds and very present in my unconscious. By engaging with our creativity we create portals to explore the magical and inspiring realms of our Inner Knowing. Let's make more art!

My Vision of 2011
Tomorrow Tony and I will be heading back into the Wombat Forest to draw water from the forest wells for new plant essences to be made at the New Moon Eclipse - I can't wait to see how the essences become energised on this potent day! 
Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon tomorrow, may you all be birthed anew in the warm embrace of Sagittarius.

Deepening the Connection - New Classes and Workshops

I welcome you my sisters to join me as we celebrate music, mythology, symbology and reawaken our Wise Woman gifts in warm and friendly circles dedicated to remembering the Ancient Worlds of our Ancestral Memory. As we rediscover our deep bond with Mother Nature we naturally develop our forgotten gifts of prophecy, creativity and healing. Join me as we celebrate the Moon Mysteries of Mother Nature in all of her wild and abundant beauty. 
Join us in the music, transform in the sound.

As we journey on our Immramma (Irish for 'Wonder Voyage') we will enter a realm of mystery, magic and healing. On these journeys we will encounter the Wise Teachers, Healers and Guardians that all reside within us. We already know these helpful energies intuitively as you will discover as we reclaim our Ancient Ancestral Wisdom and Mythic Story.
Who will step forward to guide you along these ancient pathways? In this 6 week course of Journeying and Oracle Reading you will gently bring your focus to your new companions, begin to trust your Intuition and learn to have faith in the messages your receive from the natural world around you, to your animal messengers and plant guardians. 

When we connect to the Wise Healer Within, like the wise Shaman, we begin to understand the patterns and signs of the daily Oracle of our lives. In these warm and relaxed circles you will widen your own circles of friendship and develop your own daily shamanic practice of finding and keeping Sacred Space so you can remember your beautiful and ancient relationship with Mother Earth. By journeying with the music we connect to the elements through sacred smudging and water blessing, forming deep bonds with our Spirit Guides and Animal Totems. After each journey we will explore further learning with various oracle systems to helps to understand and heal from the messages and symbols we receive for ourselves and for others. 

The Path Within - Last Tarot Course for 2011

Hello Everyone,

I have just 2 places left in the final course of The Path Within. This circle will open on Full Moon, Monday 12th September and finish up at the ancient earth festival of Beltane on 31st October. This group will be very small - strictly limited to 6 participants only so that we can work deeply and will be the last time that I offer The Path Within for 2011. 

If you feel called to study the Tarot as a tool for creating healing, to reconnect to nature and to open up a direct pathway of communication with your Higher Self, please let me know,

Warm Wishes,


Happy Awakenings at Imbolc and a big ROAR for all the Leos!

Michael Hiep - 'Awakening of Spring (Element: Earth)'

Today we celebrate the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc - a time of new beginnings and the awakening of the world below the Earth before Spring. This is also the feast day of the Goddess Brigid and I love to think of the Michael Hiep's Awakening of Spring as a young Brigid waking up deep within the earth. At this time of the year we may not see much change above the earth but we sense the heartbeat of the Earth growing stronger, animals awakening from hibernation, new animals being born, plants recharged and sending new green tendrils up through the soil. I am always reminded of Imbolc when I smell jasmin for the first time after winter and there is an abundance of it in gardens at the moment. Imbolc is a beautiful time to begin gently moving towards the dreams you wish to see bear fruit in the Spring and Summer months ahead. And today we are feeling the bright promise of the New Moon birthed last night. A perfect day for planting the seeds of your new life.

This morning I woke up thinking about the first class of our Women's Celtic Mysteries Course: Healer, Mystic, Creatrix. Our first class will be focussing on the Element of Earth with Airmid Irish goddess of herblore and herbalists. I wondered how she will teach us to heal ourselves and the gaelic words 'Oran Mor' rang in my ears. Oran Mor is the gaelic 'song of creation' or 'great song'. It is the song that births our world and creations into being and it reminded me that we can allow ourselves to be born into a new life every minute.

'The Restorers' from The Druid Plant Oracle. Illustration by Will Worthington 
'It is this primordial myth that, like a Celtic knot, weaves throughout the entire corpus of the Celtic mythos, knitting an interwoven, cohesive mythology. The Oran Mór, as the primordial "sea melody," flows through the myths and legends of submerged lands, mystical springs, life-giving cauldrons, and holy grails. As Wisdom it "fills the head," and gives meaning to the severed heads that so disturbed Caesar. It is the "creative melody," always creating, both in the hearer and in the one singing. It is the myth of Uaithne and Boand who bear the three strains of music: innocence, sorrow, and joy. It is The Song of the Three Cauldrons giving and receiving creative blessing in its song. The words of the song are as diverse as there are people to hear it; always taking their meaning from their divinely breathed sound, never from that design which we impose. The Oran Mór’s divine sound gives meaning to – no, creates – the Celtic languages.'
'Oran Mor: The Primordial Celtic Myth' by Frank Mills

I encourage you to work with this beautiful chant at either sunrise or sunset (when the Celts believed the next day truly began). By singing this chant and bringing conscious energy to the experiences, healing and love we wish to create in our lives we connect to the divine and powerful spark of life that dwells within us all.

I have just 2 places left in Healer, Mystic Creatrix so please let me know as soon as you can if you feel called to learn more about the Celtic Mysteries.

And we have the bold and creative fire of sign of Leo to walk with us this month - happy birthday to all the wild and beautiful Lions!