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Doll Lineages and the Wild Bee

Flower Faerie custom plant medicine doll for Asha's Grandmother
'you are never too old for a doll, you are never too old to play'
I am always thrilled to make a new doll. It's something that I just never tire of because the doll is, right until the end, a mystery to me. Sometimes I am shown colour to begin and other times I am shown a tiny part of a design. When I was asked to create a doll lineage on the weekend I was very touched. I have now created dolls for the daughter, mother and grandmother. The doll you see above is for Grandmother. She was meant to start her birth on Sunday but she was so excited that she came through on Friday night. All I knew when beginning was that she has a 'dress of flowers'. I had expected to make a serious 'Elder' doll but instead this delightful Flower Faerie came to be Spirit Sister to the Matriarch of the family. She told me that everyone has an inner child that loves to play, it doesn't matter how old you are.  
The doll below was another custom order from a man for his mother in Israel. I love to see these wee wise women travel far and wide across the Earth. They are living in many countries that I am yet to visit myself! My friend Gwen suggested that we could have a page of photographs of the Spirit Sisters in their new lands - that would be fun. 
I am now about to start creating a doll for Ruby a four year old girl about to turn five who has told me very clearly that she'd like her doll to hold 'cat energy and a crystal' !! Can't tell you how much I'm already looking forward to meeting this wise being.
I am taking a new round of orders for the next tribe of custom-made Spirit Sisters, order information can be found here.

I was also gifted organic Bee Pollen for the dolls this weekend and it seems to me that the Bees are bringing a new radiance. The dolls seem to glow. It is so important that we create gardens that are safe havens and invitations to the Wild Bees. 
Custom medicine doll for Mother in Israel
her name is 'Bee Light' and she assists with indecision