The Selkie's Dream

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'Vali led me to you' were Selkin's first words to me and so I knew instantly I had found a new friend.

Sometimes I feel like Vali Myers is a beautiful big spider in the cosmos still weaving and connecting me to her wonderful spirit tribe! Selkin is the creator of PODS or feltlings - the amazing creatures you see here. They are birthed in the workshop in the back of a bus called 'unicorn' that is home to Selkin and her little faerie daughter Blue. Together they are travelling around Australia, selling their mystical creatures at markets and festivals, living very simply and trusting intuition to guide them.

And so began a writing friendship with the Selkie that I have come to treasure. The Selkie inspires me so much - she is freer than most, no possessions, no ties. She is more courageous than most, no house, no wage, travelling alone with her daughter... no net. In writing I asked her how she came to live this way and she told me that she had found herself very unwell in a hospital and in a moment of recognition, listened to her heart. It's one wish was to play the harp made by one of the finest harp makers in the land, a harp she had first laid eyes upon 7 years ago. A simple wish but it was the wish of the heart of a Selkie - these wishes cannot be denied. This wish became Selkin's guide and she sold all of her possessions, and left her home to take to the road selling the beautiful beings birthed by her hands to save for this golden harp.

And the harp at the heart of the Selkie's dream is so close, all she needs to do is sell 20 more feltlings and it will be in her arms.

The Selkie's Dream

And so I urge you dear friends to consider buying one of these magical creatures as a gift for yourself or someone you love this christmas. They range in price from $50 - $250. She also takes requests and custom orders! You can contact Selkin on her Facebook page POD or through her wonderful blog: Intricate Happenings of a Flying Lesson - an insight into the dream within the dreamer and truly some of the most exquisite, raw and vulnerable, glittering writing that I have read in years. Without realising it, the Selkie is helping me...I think that is the power of Selkies - to help you to be more true, to listen to your own heart. And so I will be purchasing one as a talisman for my little niece Rosie a felting of my own to take with us into our new life in the forest - I feel it will be almost like a guardian spirit. When I look at Selkin's feltlings they have a spirit within, how could they not when they are so lovingly created by one who is following her heart utterly and completely?

Selkin told that she was dreaming of creating a POD inspired by Vali Myers - I can't wait to see her. Thank you Selkin for sharing your mystical beings and your own mythic journey. Love to you for following your wild, gypsy heart courageous mamma.

Little Blue and her Selkie Mamma 

oooh hatchling!