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Lunar Occultation of Jupiter

Tonight the Moon will Occult (cover) Jupiter. The dark side of the Moon will highlight Jupiter and it's moons in the sky and this spectacular view will be best seen in southern skies. We will be able to view the occultation unaided so if you can be outside tonight you will see Jupiter disappearing in Melbourne at 11.33pm and reappearing at 12.10am. For more times around Australia here is a great link.
Personally I find all occultations to be very potent and often points of activation for our work and creativity. Tonight we will be infusing the Daughters of the Well Water Snake essences created at the New Moon last weekend with this Lunar Occultation of Jupiter under the chestnut tree. The intention of the essence is to help shed outdated thought patterns and beliefs and to clear the mind. This will also be the last of the natural spring water from Wombat Forest as we will soon be working with the natural and healing spring waters on the mountain ranges of beautiful Warburton.
What will Lady Luna be expressing to Jupiter at midnight tonight? The Moon is in Gemini - a perfect time for embracing new ideas and beliefs around abundance, tolerance and expansiveness (Jupiter). What new dreaming will this spectacular meeting awaken in you?