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Encaustic Beeswax Oracle - What do YOU See?

Hello to all of you beautiful artists, I hope you are finding time to make more art of your life. This weekend I found time to unpack our encaustic kits and see what was waiting in the beeswax! We will be holding beeswax encaustic art classes again very soon. This artform is so easy for anyone to use and I encourage you to pick it up if you are feeling blocked around creativity. It is painting with hot wax - like trying to paint with water - you can't control it and that's a very good thing for overcoming perfectionism! We will have details soon for new class times both in Sherbrooke and at Tree of Life in Kew. In the meantime I will be placing encaustic orders at the end of the month, so please let me know if you feel called to play with the Bee.

Mountain Mystic Encaustic Art

Two encaustic pieces painted on Mount Tamborine as I was giving a demo to Mikailah's children on how to start making their own creations. Children are really incredibly perceptive and can see symbols and stories in the wax very quickly and of course, paint beautifully and easily. Mikailah's daughter (7) told me the top piece was special and should come home with me and Mikailah's little boy (5) said the second piece is of a 'water dragon'. Out of the mouths of babes...

I have just 2 encaustic starter kits left at $115 each - they include everything you need to begin your dive into the colourful deep x

Dreaming in Beeswax at Winter Solstice

'She Wandered as if in a Dream' - Encaustic Oracle created at Winter Solstice

 A hearty fire-filled thank you to all of the participants who shared their creativity in the WInter Solstice Encaustic Workshop on Saturday. I have never seen the beeswax talking so clearly to the artist through image and symbol. And I am already so excited to see how the wax will speak and move in our workshop on magical Mount Tamborine in QLD next month. Golden dreams from the blessed bee.

Oracle making in front of the fire

Art is Nature, Nature is Art

Danxia Landform,  Zhangye, China

'The mystery never ends, it cannot end. That's why it is called a mystery. It cannot be known ever. It will never become knowledge, that's why it is called a mystery; something in it is eternally elusive. And that's the whole joy of life. The great splendour of life is that it keeps you eternally engaged, searching, exploring. Life is exploration, life is adventure.'

This week I was introduced to the Danxia Landforms in China formed from red sandstone and conglomerate. 100 million years ago this area was a huge inland basin. Water carried silt from the mountains and in the high temperatures and arid conditions, the sediment oxidised. Danxia means 'red rays of the sun' and I was amazed and full of wonder to see these vivid colours in the natural world. I could not believe how similar the colours, patterns & flow are to encaustic artwork. Here are some examples from the Oracle of the Bee oracle cards I am creating at the moment and Essence reading paintings I have been creating in readings with clients.

If this artform is speaking to your heart you are welcome to join us in an encaustic workshop coming up on Saturday, 14th April. See you in the MYSTERY.

The Inspired Fire of Brigid

Brigid Goddess of Inspiration by Emily Balivet
Hello Bright Ones!

today is the feast day of Brigid Goddess of Inspiration, Creativity & Healing in the Northern Hemisphere. Last night we had our first encaustic art class and it was fantastic - so much wild creativity and beautiful insight into the power of healing ourselves through art - thank you to everyone who attended. I will be organising a new encaustic class to be held on Saturday, 10th March for anyone who would like to keep adding to their encaustic oracle or for anyone who missed this class - come along! You will be hooked, I promise.
We are drawing ever closer to the wave of Neptune taking up home in Pisces this Saturday 4th Feb. In honour of this auspicious time I will be offering Daughters of the Well healings with the precious water collected from the wells of the Wombat Forest and aromatherapy healing oils, unctions and elixirs - all made from pure organic plant sources to aid healing, open the heart to love and unlock creativity.  If you feel called to experience the Daughters of the Well, please let me know,

Yours in the Glow,