Lady of the Beasts: Vali Myers Exhibition opens tonight!

The long awaited exhibition of the original artwork of legendary Australian artist, Vali Myers, 'Lady of the Beasts', opens tonight at Outre Gallery in Melbourne at 7pm. Come along and help us to celebrate this wild and beautiful spirit and her exquisite artwork. This is the first time in 10 years since her work has been shown to the public. You will be inspired!

Vali Myers Tribute by Patricia Ariel

A couple of days after I had retrieved the magical diaries of Australian artist, Vali Myers - I received this amazing tribute to her painted by Brazilian artist, Patricia Ariel (whose work was featured in the Summer Solstice Newsletter). It was as if I was staring into the eyes of my dear, dear friend again. Please go to have a look at Patricia's blog: to see how this amazing portrait came to her. You are a beautiful intuitive painter, Patricia, the truest portrait I have ever seen of Vali.

As part of the Vali Myers Foundation we will be publishing her beautiful & inspiring diaries in time for the exhibition opening at Outre Gallery ( in Melbourne on 24th September, 2010. Please come along and help us celebrate her wild flaming spirit.

Interview with Visionary Artist, Paul Rucker

For all of you who have only recently discovered the incredible worlds of artist Paul Rucker, here is the full interview on the top of Water, Inspiration & Flow featured in the Lughnasadh Newsletter.

Paul Rucker:

What inspires you? How do you open yourself to creative flow?

It's not too much of a trick for me to get ideas; I frequently find myself showered with them. But which are inspirations-- not just self-ignited mind-stuff, but sparks that will kindle the work of my hands?

What brings me to a state of flow? That bright quickened river within is a self-sustaining current of motivation; it is awen, the flowing spirit, moving near me, through me, past me, out in to the world. Images of bright fire and flowing water seem naturally to merge in the world where visionary work and mythopoetic art comes from-- fire flowing like a stream, water livid with secret light.

In the practice of my art as an inner devotion, a focus upon the things that matter most, I seek that state where I face the shining inner river which is the channel between me and my Godself. When I know in my gut that it is good and get more and more kindled to work, I am ready to "make kala," as it is called in Feri Witchcraft, in my own inner world.

To "make kala" in Feri means to bless an offering of water, then to take that blessing back into yourself by drinking it, and of course, to send it on its way again eventually. The fire of inspiration must be reflected in the water of emotion, so here I mean that I charge my inspiration with emotional passion, bringing it into resonance with the work of my spirit. Spiralwise, I return to several deep Themes in my art, over and over again: each circumambulation brings more depth to the Mystery.

My renewed encounters with the Themes that have the most meaning for me gives them energy, something like the mana that an icon or statue may acquire from having been venerated for generations. Though I love novelty and am always seeking ways to grow out of what I already know, and in fact have taught myself much from taking deliberate risks, novelty is the servant and not the master of these deep Themes. To "make kala" with my own feelings, in the service of art as a yoga or a devotion, augments what the Feri describe as Aligning the Triple Soul-- which means to bring one's consciousness, energy body, and Godself, into harmony with each other.

Thus "ordinary" water-- which can be compared to my personal feelings and moods, just the "water" in me-- is made holy and charged by my intent to use this nourishment not just to "express myself" but to flow back into that shining inner river like a feeder stream. On some level what I make as art that is visible to the eye becomes an offering to my personal Source, and through it, to the World Soul.

The creative work of my life results from this focused interchange between my inner world and my external experience. The visible works of art are what can be seen and shared by the world at large. But the ongoing act of creative engagement evolves the unique body of my interior world, which in the aggregate I often think of a tapestry or an edifice. This is not unique to me, by the way. I have discovered that in general, I resonate best with other creatively-alive individuals who are doing the same thing-- weaving an inner tapestry through personal vision and creative work that in both their inner and outer worlds reveals the stamp of their unique engagement with their themes, and style. I also respect those persons who are sincerely reaching for such a conduit of expression, even if not fully seated in it yet. This is part of how I see making art as a spiritual activity.

Without some sense of spiritual passion and emotional connection I can't be bothered, which is why I have done very little art that was meant to merely illustrate the preconceptions of others.

As a child seeing visions from an early age, I forced myself from sheer passion of need to learn the skills I needed to draw from that riverine inner connection-- a door to beauty and meaning which secretly sustained me through a rough childhood. There is some truth to the idea that from suffering comes art, but no truth, in my opinion, that one is obliged to seek out suffering in order to be authenticated as an artist. No life is without pain, but what do you do with it? What pearl is born from this?

What do you most hunger for? And how would you know it, if you made it?

Thank you Paul! xx

The Alchemical Art of Patricia Ariel

For those of you who read about the stunning alchemical art of Patricia Ariel in the Midsummer Newsletter, here is the full interview:
When I discovered the sensual & deeply spiritual artwork of Brazilian born artist, Patricia Ariel I found a new language for the work that I teach on Tarot & meditation. So I was thrilled to discover that Patricia’s artwork is so linked to her interests in the symbolic arts of Astrology & Tarot & that she teaches a combination of Astrology & Mandala workshops to help people connect to their spirituality through art.

Do you see creating art as a spiritual process or practice?

Yes, yes, yes! Totally. It is through my creative process that I feel all the faces of God manifesting... Light, dark, male, female, child, elder, and everything in between... I come from a family of very mystic women. Both my grandmothers were healers, my aunt channeled spirits, and my mom have dreams and visions. I've always had that same connection with the invisible, but, being a very rational person, I took a long time to find out in which field I could bloom... Too much intellectualism blocks intuition big time. I've been reading the Tarot and doing Astrology since my teens, but didn't get to have that intimate experience with the invisible that they had... Like, experiencing with your own senses... Only recently, when I changed my direction in painting and started to open myself to symbolism and apply spiritual concepts in my art, I started to experience the invisible the way I have always longed for. The process of how many of my paintings develop is amazing, and if I didn't have any knowledge of how this type of thing happen I would say that it's scary... All the insights and visions I receive while painting, the connections between them and life events... I started to have dreams, and also a deeper perception of the mundane. I intuitively learn with my paintings. And heal myself, and also discovered that I've been healing other people too... This is priceless. So, I can say that I found my spiritual path. That's how I've been perpetuating my family mystic tradition. I feel so blessed for it, but at the same time with a big responsibility that I pray for being able to always correspond to.

What are your thoughts on 'symbiosis' - the interweaving of our male & female / light & shadow elements of our natures? Do you find art to be a good way to explore & understand these elements within yourself?
Oh, yes! Our culture, being so fragmented and dualistic as it is, have not been prepared to accept the negative polarity as a complement of the positive and part of nature and God. We learn that the concepts of male, right, light, day, etc, are the "good" ones, and everything dark, feminine, mysterious, are "evil" and need to be repressed. This is the main root of so many neurosis and imbalances that our society experiences now. But you can't learn what Heaven means without descend to Hell! Since the development of creativity is intrinsically tied to the understanding of yourself, eventually your shadowy part will emerge, and you'll have to deal with this in a symbolic way. When you bring images and symbols to your conscious mind, it means that now you can face them -- they are not buried in your unconscious mind anymore, so it's time to unveil them and work on what they represent. This is the beginning of integration and healing. And that's exactly what art does, when you bring out symbols and put in your creations you are doing this interweave of light and darkness... And integrating them.

How has your upbringing influenced your spiritual beliefs & particularly your interest in divination (tarot & astrology)?
As I told you before, I had all those witches in my family LOL... And grew up seeing all these things as natural. My interest in the occult comes from early age. Things just came across my way, and I just can tell how the interest began... Something innate. I have always had this big certainty of something bigger inside my heart... I remember as a child being deeply moved by religious films and spiritual teachings... I just knew that there was something there, nobody came and told me... Later I wanted to know the whys and hows of everything I felt inside me and began my search for rational answers. Now I know that the intellectual and the intuitive needs to walk side by side.
I am very interested in your blending of art & astrology - can you tell me more about your Astroportraits?

Art and Astrology have a lot in common. Both are symbolic languages, and Astrology is another type of Art... So it seemed just natural to blend them. It's very exciting. In my work with the portraits I am just expressing the symbols that already exist in my client's psyche and using my technique to produce something artistically pleasing. I design them to be a reminder of the person's uniqueness and potentials, something that she looks at and feels good about herself and feels empowered. I will first raise your birth chart and try to identify the images and archetypes that it evokes. I also use the tarot and meditation. We'll talk by email about the chart until come to a conclusion about what you need and want more at that moment. The process ends up being sort of therapeutic.

Please view Patricia’s awe-inspiring artwork at where you can also enroll in her wonderful online classes combining Astrology & Art: Creative Astrology or commission one of Patricia’s Astroportraits - a fascinating process where she raises your birthchart & together with a photo, intertwines animals & archetypes in the portrait to remind you of your unique potential. Thank you Patty for sharing your inspiring work!