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Sacred Familiar - the Sugar Glider

The Sacred Familiar - an Animal Message from Tony Esta

The Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider teaches us to take a leap of faith without any fear. The Sugar Glider leaps from tree to tree to create it's own path where there is seemingly no path at all. It likes to be at the highest part of the tree and at that height has a much greater perspective than other creatures. It will take a chance to jump onto a new tree when it wants the change. When the Sugar Glider comes to us it's medicine is helping us to try new ways to change the old. It encourages us to have faith and confidence to reach new heights. 

The Sugar Glider is a wingless creature that can fly through the air - have you been told that you don't have the skills or gifts to achieve your dreams? Be like the Sugar Glider and believe in yourself, take yourself to the highest vantage point and leap!

We create our own adventure.

Tony Esta 2012

The Weekly Familiar - Fox

Vali Myers and Foxy 


Fox: The fox has a bad reputation in our society. Called cunning and labelled as a pest on this earth. But the fox is simply doing what it knows it must do - SURVIVE. The fox is very smart and it knows how to overcome many obstacles. The message from Fox is about solving problems and creating solutions in hostile environments. Through intuition and keen senses fox shows us how to avoid the traps and baits of perpetrators and thrive in the natural world.  All problems can be solved, it is how we go about it that counts. Fox also asks us to question the idea of reputation, of being judged as wrong or right by anything other than our own spirit. Fox asks us to look beyond conditioned perceptions, to make up our own minds and to dive deeper than surface appearances to understand the spirit within and all that it needs to survive. The Fox.

Be Wild!


The Weekly Familiar - Emu

The Weekly Familiar - an Animal Message from Tony

This week's Familiar is EMU.

Emu: The emu is a very inquisitive bird. It's message is one of constant learning and searching all avenues. For emu, it does not matter who is teaching as long as we are learning, therefore the emu shows us that we are all student and all teachers in one way or another. The emu shows us there is never just one way to go, not one path but many. By gathering and learning as you go, you make your own path to follow. Treat everyone and everything as a teacher and embrace learning, in doing so you will create a path that is right for you and will become the teacher for yourself. The Emu.

Be Wild!


The Weekly Familiar - Ant

 The Weekly Familiar - an Animal Message from Tony

This week's Familiar is ANT. 

Ant: An ant came to me this morning with it's message about carrying burdens. The ant knows it's limits. We humans tend to try and carry too many things at once whereas the ant will carry only what it needs and no more. Why do we carry too much? Perhaps it is a good time to let go of some of our burdens. Once we let go we feel lighter, our posture straightens and we have more mobility. Are your burdens as important as you think? Time to reassess, let go and only carry what you need.

Be Wild!