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Clan Totem Talisman

daily otter

Otter is the totem animal of my clan, of my ancestors. Here she is dancing in the waterfall. Revelling in the meeting of the elements of water and stone. Hello Sister Otter, sister of my wild heart. What animal feels closest to your own spirit? An animal that was known to your ancestors and is given as a gift to you? Trust your knowing and intuition, ask for your Clan Totem to make itself known in your meditations, reverie and dreaming.

Ask for a symbol from this animal and from your clan. A symbol that with love and intention can become a potent talisman for you on your journey. Something that can be etched into jewellery, sewn into clothing, written on paper, and perhaps even inked onto your skin. A totem talisman to help you to remember who you are, who came before you and the natural gifts that are your birthright to express again.