Wild Feminine

Embracing Our Lilith Stories

Yesterday we gathered in Sherbrooke Forest to create a circle of magic and love to hold and embrace our own Lilith stories. Such beautiful stories they were, full of courage and honesty and wild beauty. Thank you to all of the sisters who joined us in the green heart of the forest, I feel such excitement to know you and see you embrace your own outcast sister, holding her to your heart once more.

The Lilith circles are limited to 13 women to ensure that we can journey deeply. For the sisters who missed out on a place, I will be holding this circle again on Saturday 9th November at Kumbada Studio in the Dandenongs.

Initiate yourself

Dear Woman 

You belong to the night.
You have blood on your thighs
and fuhrze in your hair.
You smell of loamy fertile soil.
Your breasts give life,
Your sex is a mystery school
leading to the holy of holies.

Turn your eyes inward.
Use owls' vision to see where you come from.
Slip beneath the surface,
and feel yourself become full.

Make a marriage to the moon.

Divorce the false gods of intellect and reason.
Find meaning in your dreams.
And in the secrets of your body.

Follow no authority -
But your own true nature.

Make a sacred fire.
And throw on it all that you would use to harm yourself.
Make kindling from shame.

Let your dance be wild.
Your voice be honest.
And your heart untamed.

Be cyclical.
Don't make sense.

Initiate yourself.
Initiate yourself.

Aisha Wolfe 
Yoni verse Burlesque
Here is a Lilith doll I created at midnight on the eve of holding our circle. 
She has the medicine of the beautiful Tawny Frogmouth, plants and herbs in her belly.
Lilith Spirit Doll - Embracing all parts of ourselves
Tawny Frogmouth Medicine

Lilith Rising

Dear Sisters,

After holding Femmina Unbound at the Convent I received instruction telling me to hold a workshop to embrace and connect to the essence of the Wild Feminine. This Swan Blessing workshop: Reclaiming the Ancestral Medicine of your Lilith Story will focus on clearing binding beliefs, vows and sacred oaths that we are still carrying in regard to beliefs about ourselves and the Dark Feminine.  The work I have done embracing my shadow and my own Lilith Story of my past life, in the matriarchal lineage in my family and in my birthchart has helped me more than any other work to understand myself and to release my old story and limiting beliefs about my history and sense of who I thought I was supposed to be. 

By integrating the Wild Feminine I released so much shame and fear about stepping into my medicine path. Once the truths of your Lilith story are reclaimed, what we once believed were failings or parts of ourselves that were not acceptable, become our greatest gifts and strengths. Without the filter of old perceptions, beliefs and past experiences, our Lilith traits - once viewed as difficult or frightening, shine like stars in the night sky. These gifts are often courage, ability to say NO, originality, fierce love and deeply shamanic and magical talents. This is how the light returns to our story - when we embrace the outcast parts of our true nature, we can become whole.  

If you are called to do this work, you will be held in a sacred circle where you are safe to welcome home the outcast aspects of your Feminine Nature.  As this circle works deeply with the placement of Black Moon Lilith in your own personal natal chart, places are limited to 13 women. If you feel called to join us, you will need to send me your date, place and time of birth if you know it and payment to hold your place.

Rising - Patricia Ariel