Water Essences

Full Moon, Water Witching and the Wild Bee


How was your Full Moon last night beauties? We were immersed in essence making here in Sherbrooke Forest in the middle of a rain storm it was inspiring and strangely calming - water witching under the Chestnut Tree with water pouring down and yet the tree kept us quite dry.

Today there is a soft blue hue over the forest, it is dark and only 2pm and we are getting ready to prepare the fire... the beeswax calls. We will be offering new encaustic beeswax art and meditation circles from the forest very soon, I am just waiting to confirm the dates in a venue where we can have an open fire! Here are 3 encaustic paintings that were birthed at the Autumn Equinox - each speaking beautifully and guiding me so much at this time. There is an old saying: 'ask the wild bee what the Druids knew'. Blessings of the wild bee for your full moon dreaming.

Equinox encaustic oracle : Sacred Familiar
Spirit Dancer encaustic oracle: Sacred Familiar
Swan Maiden encaustic oracle - Sacred Familiar

From Moon to Moon - Avalon Meditation Mist

From Moon to Moon we Glow and Grow...Avalon Meditation Mist containing healing waters from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Created at the New Moon in Aquarius at the birth of the Year of the Water Snake, activated at the Lunar Occultation with Jupiter and completed at New Moon in Pisces.

I created this blend to awaken ancestral memory of the Wisdom and Mystery Centres of the Sacred Feminine. A spray to use before meditation, dreaming, creating art, and in times when we need to quieten the chatter of our mind to access our deep knowing and simply BE.

From Sherbrooke Forest made with lunar love.

$30 plus $7 postage within Australia.

Mineral Spa Immersion Pool in Wombat Forest

Water is Life - New Source for Essences

'Water Guardian' in river reflection after thanking the water

On the New Moon in Pisces and after the days following, Tony and I have been journeying to Warburton to visit our new water source - the crystal clear natural spring on Mount Donna Buang. We had heard about this spring for many years and we have been blown away by the water's natural purity and healing presence. When we first arrived at the spring there was an elderly man with sparkling blue eyes filling up his many bottles with spring water. He was very excited to meet more Water people and began to tell us the story of the spring as it journeyed from an underwater river through minerals, crystals, seams of gold and silver to naturally pour from the mountainside. He reminded me of Guardians of the Well, Threshold Keepers from Celtic faerie tales and myths. He told us to drink it and drink nothing else that it was the purest water we would find. The word I heard around him was Vital - he told me he was older than I could imagine.

Once we drew enough water for our essences and to drink we went down to sit by the river to thank the mountain, the keepers of the land and the water elementals. The photograph above was taken after this meditation. He looks aboriginal and so very wise. And so here is the Water Guardian in the spirit world to match the Water Guardian we met in our 'real' world by the spring itself. Nature explaining an old wisdom to us: 'as above, so below'.

We believe that Nature and her guardians are able to speak to us more clearly now and that we should share their message. The message we received was: 'Water is Life' - we all deserve clean drinking water, it is our right as beings on this earth. And Water is priceless, sacred. Nature's bounty is crystal clear - let's all make an effort to keep our waterways clean from pollution and garbage. When you can, speak out for the Water and for Nature. This gift is sacred and we want it to be here forever.

Forest Watching over the Spring

Sacred Spring

Forest Sprite


Thresholds - drawing water from the forest well

Are you ready to take a wee trip to Wombat Forest and to Hanging Rock country? Yesterday we journeyed into the forest to collect the healing natural mineral spring water from the Spa Country wells for new essences for the Red Tent Dreaming event next week. You can see all of the photos here.
I am about to immerse myself in water witching with the essences & will be charging them up under the full moon. A deep well of love for your Full Moon creations this weekend x

Drawing from the Well

Yesterday Tony and I made the journey to the Wombat Forest in Spa Country Victoria to draw natural mineral spring water for new Daughters of the Well essences and aura veil sprays. We spent time observing the kangaroos just in front of Hanging Rock and enormous flocks of cockatoos. The minerals from the earth at this sacred place are just as important as the water that courses through it. I will be working with both elements tonight as I prepare new essences in the light of the Full Moon and they will be available from tomorrow. 
The magnificent Hanging Rock with kangaroos on the left side
Hanging Rock guardians and ancestors
View from the car window as we let the car get pulled by the natural magnetic force in Straws Lane
The spring beside the Well in Wombat Forest
 Tree reflection in the immersion pool at the springs

Essence of the Forest Well

New Forest Well Essences now available - prepared this morning in 'mad professor' style! Love lots of bottles and water, water, water!

Kyanite Mist Sacred Space & Energy Protector - $25
Grounding Essence - $15
Building Sacred Fire Essence - $15
Healing the Divine Feminine Essence - $15

All made from healing water collected from hand-drawn natural mineral spring wells in the Wombat Forest, plant essences from forest plants and Kyanite gem essence gifted with love from the Northern Territory (Kyanite is a stone that holds only it's on OWN essence - I love that - no need to shield from other's energy but to shine and glow in your own).

Waterfalls of love, Julia xx