The Wild Unknown

Full Moon Dreaming with The Wild Unknown

This dreamy Tarot deck is The Wild Unknown, created by an independent and family-run business specialising in hand-made treasures. The artwork is by Kim Krans a visual artist and musician who with her husband Jonny Ollsin create music with The Family Band. I love the breadth of their creativity together, the sharing of art and music and even the building of their own cabin together.

I bought this deck as a gift to myself late last year as we prepared to enter our wild unknown and move to the forest. And have just begun to read with this deck for others in the Water Serpentina Water Snake shamanic balance and readings. I particularly love the animals depicting the essence of each element: Owls for Swords (Air/Mind), Swans (!!) for Cups (Water/Emotions), Snakes for Wands (Fire/Intuition) and Deer for Pentacles (Earth/Body).  This deck has sold out again but there will be a new release on 1st March.

Whatever you are doing on this Full Moon in Virgo night I hope that it brings you clarity, invites beauty and gives you trust in the Mystery - The Wild Unknown.