Tarik Saleh

Swimming in the Shadow Zone of the Eclipse

This weekend we are deep in the Shadow Zone of the New Moon Eclipse in Gemini due on Thursday morning. Before an eclipse it almost feels like the rumblings of a deep volcano - we know something is coming but the feelings are not clear and so we can we easily become afraid or angry or frustrated. This is very similar to The Moon archetype of the Tarot. We are in the mysterious realm of the Goddess of the Deep. This card often represents intuitive flashes, deepening of connection to the unconscious and with this new understanding we find ourselves at an Initiation or standing at the threshold of the Gateway to an unknown path.  Eclipses are potent natural forces that bring what has been hidden into the light of the day. The Moon will reveal all to you in the bright and exciting birth of the New Moon on Thursday. What do you wish for at the New Moon? What are the thoughts and fears that come up in your mind when you try to imagine this dream? How do they block you? The New Moon is in the sign of Gemini, the Sacred Twins. The Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Or the Shadow (unconscious self) and Conscious Self. This is a powerful birthing time for the True Self, already within. We spend most of our lives striving to become the person we want to be when simply being aware of this True Self shows us that we are aware of it's presence already deep within us.

Working with our Shadow nature need not always be painful or scary, Our Shadow nature encompasses the elements of ourselves that we reject or are afraid to set free, we we integrate these elements, we embrace ourselves wholly and step into true acceptance and love. I love this video for I Follow Rivers by Swedish artist, Lykke Li - I see this as a beautiful metaphor for letting ourselves embrace and integrate the Shadow self so that we can see it is never as scary as we had thought when we were too afraid to face it.  And the second video for the same song is filmed 'Live from The Moon' - so apt for this weekend as we prepare for our rebirth with the New Moon.