Sekhmet the Egyptian Lion-Headed Goddess

Today the Sun is conjunct with Sekhmet. The ancient lion-headed goddess of Egypt is a warrior protector goddess whose name means "The Powerful One'. In the Tarot we see the combination of the Lion and the Goddess in the Major Arcana card of Strength. Often this card will ask us to look at challenges and difficult situations from the position of the 'Higher' or 'Greater Self'. It often urges us to see the wisdom in difficult events and to try a new more mature and graceful approach of handling ourselves and others. And sometimes the Lion and the Goddess  are telling you it is time to stand up for what you believe in, is time for you to ROAR? Quite often when we draw this card we are being asked to look at ourselves as the Beast and the Maiden and find a healthy balance between both natures. Today I will use the energy of Sekhmet and Strength to be patient and to give me the powerful energy I need to deal with an illness in the family. There is nothing stronger than Love.

Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet

Strength - The Alchemical Tarot