Seal totem

More on the Selkie

The Selkie by Tammy Mae Moon
Here is a link provided by Tammy about the story of the Selkie:

I have noticed that Seal has come into our knowing again recently. I have heard people speaking of the Seal, sharing photos and recently my dear friend Tammy Mae Moon painted this beautiful creation: The Selkie. What is the Seal asking you to remember? For me the Seal is a messenger from my ancestors in Scotland, a reminder to always go deeper - to not forget that we are creatures of the land but must always return to the the DEEPER life.

Artful Monday...

Some images to inspire as we prepare to journey with the Celtic shapeshifter, The Selkie at Winter Solstice this Wednesday evening.  

Juan Wijngaard, The Moon
'so how can we hope to float?' by Daniel Danger

Juan Wijngaard, Woman of the Sea

reblogged from the wonderful A Polar Bear's Tale

Sea Nymph, Edward Burne-Jones
Selkie by Forest Rogers