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Manifestation Mandala for 2011

Manifestation Mandala
This year I am devoting much of my work to uniting the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies to create a sense of 'coming home to ourselves' and this beautiful mandala has been created to express this same energy. We can create amazing beauty in 2011 - let's express our true nature! This is what the creator has to say about the mandala:

2011 Manifestation Mandala
This is a powerful transcendent year, the numbers eleven and four are the principle energies manifesting a spirit of transformation for the year 2011. Eleven holds the space for spiritual awakening and transcendence, while the four brings dynamic energy into the physical form - Making Manifest the Deep Desires of the Heart. This year is in perfect harmony between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine which opens the opportunity for remarkable realized manifestations.

I open my longing heart to the full release of my deep desires both hidden and seen; I set my expectation to enter into and becoming one unto the manifestation of my desires. I am fully engaged with the Sacred Dance of intimacy between the Feminine and Masculine energies that give birth to my superabundant magical life. I see Heaven above mingled with Heaven below, my words becoming flesh and the thoughts of my heart expressed in actuality. And so it is...

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You are Loved,

Thank you Keith!